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Discovery Channel debuts ‘Warlocks Rising’ mini-series about Florida biker club

July 5, 2013

The flat, open roads and temperate qualities of Florida are two obvious reasons why bikers find our state attractive year-round, and not just during Daytona’s obligatory week-long festivities in the spring. There’s a lot to lurk in motorcycle counterculture, which is frequently associated with Sons of Anarchy-type bravado and drama. But the biker culture Discovery Channel is focusing on for their new documentary mini-series Warlocks Rising is specifically the motorcycle club, the Warlocks, who have their mother chapter based right here in Orlando. If you’ve never picked up on their presence, this series will undoubtedly be an eye-opener, as the Warlocks are tied to local crime, frequently prompting violent retaliation between warring clubs feuding over territories, and their reach spans not just the state but also includes hundreds of members nationwide, in addition to rumors of international chapters. Following a strict dogma and comprising a tight-knit and loyal brotherhood, the Warlocks operate on their own level, and it’s not one that common outsiders get to peek into regularly, which is why this particular documentary series should probably be required viewing for Floridians. Because, the more you know, right?

The first episode premieres tonight: Friday, July 5 at 9 p.m. EST on Discovery Channel and takes you inside their homes, behind the fences of their parties and into the sticky business that is their livelihood.

The main members from Orlando are Contender (reportedly the mother chapter boss who has survived “bombings, rival wars, ATF infiltration and take downs”) and Nasty (a 20-year veteran of the club and self-described enforcer), but the documentary also extends its coverage to Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete and Cocoa Beach, pulling in a range of characters by equally mannish monikers like Shotgun and Slob, which almost makes it funny when you get to the more straightforwardly-called characters like, um, Troy. It’s a fascinating investigation that’s never been presented quite like this, although the History Channel did give us a small taste in an episode of Gangland you can watch now here:

UPDATE: Warlocks National is not psyched about Warlocks Risingclick here to read more.

MORE: Warlocks rising or Discovery Channel sinking to a new low? Read a full review of the miniseries.

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  • Thehatedone

    Should be entitled ‘warlocks rising with the help of Viagra.’ These clowns are like a fungus on a vagina. No one wants to touch it. The fumes they inhale must have them high on an ego trip but trust me, they’re so fat and out of shape they need a smoke break after their smoke break. Oh I’m sorry. Did I upset some of the hipster bikers who have their own little club of leather and chains? Vnm, horsebites you’re a chump. Bikers are douche bags and need a good putting down.

  • TheMechanic

    You know, you should go to Florida and tell them that. Maybe you can show them the error of their ways and put them on a path to the promised land. And maybe those “old fat douche bags” will let you walk away with all your teeth, I don’t think so but maybe.

  • Thehatedone

    Shut up and bend over you biker bitch. Your toothless daddys want some of that chubby ass.

  • Fred Wilson

    Talk… The internet is filled with talk. I have a family member that is on this show. A war veteran. That risked his life for you lazy ass Americans that are willing to give up rights left and right for some safety. Get a life. And stop acting like some tough guy typing when we all know in real life you wouldn’t say one word. Pansy

  • Thehatedone

    Fuck your family member. I laugh every time a biker dies. In real life? You’re right. I’m a pansy. I go to Starsust a lot in Orlando. You can find my pansy ass there on Saturday night.

  • Steve Jones

    Another stupid, fake show from the discovery channel pushing it out as a reality show. Major stupidity. These guys are sissies with a scripted tv show.

  • Geordie 1%er

    Ha ha ha ha ha Thehatedone = cock suckin, fudge packer, Have a gud look in the mirror girl, squeeze those yellow heads, realise ya good for fuck all and hang yaself….Slowly

  • Bird of Prey


    A documentary series will be released on Friday, July 5, 2013 to be
    aired on the Discovery Channel entitled “Warlocks Rising.” This
    documentary purports to depict some members of the Warlocks Motorcycle
    Club in various personal activities and in various club activities and
    events. The depictions aired during this series will be the result of
    the participation of individuals and of the editing process utilized by
    the publisher. Nothing depicted in this series should be interpreted as
    being approved or ratified by the Warlocks National, LLC, or any
    individual chapter or member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. Indeed,
    there are many members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club who do not
    approve of this series nor the activities and opinions depicted or
    expressed therein.

    Roger B. Butcher, P.A.
    P.O. Box 620069
    Oviedo, Florida 32762-0069

  • Yankee Mike Giordano

    it’s a combination of devils ride and sons of malarkey… 2 shows not worth wasting a good crap on watching, now 3 shows..- who runs the discovery channel programming? fire this asshat to wasting your money and our time.good bye discovery channel

  • JoeMama

    Drinkin a Zima and gobblin a weenie as usual.

  • old and wiser

    What a JOke . Bubble gum Bikers .

  • augisfat

    I don’t know or hang with any of these cats but I did grow up around in Orlando in a era (primarily EO) and I would see them occasionally back in the day when they would ride with their colors freely and hung out at certain local parks (Lake Downey for example) and cooked out and in general, were just a bunch of bikers partying.

    As a white trash kid from the streets of Bithlo (with no parents), they were always very cool to the little kid on the Mongoose whose belly was always hungry. If I didn’t have the good fortune of a Uncle stepping up down the road (also a hog rider, but no 1%) and keeping me straight (after making several bad decisions involving the law), I can see very easily as to how this world would appeal to you if you are a outcast and or by-product of a crappy environment (which many, many are) with a horrific upbringing with no options (yes, many can escape the single wide life but again, opportunity and a positive role model is a must),
    but lets face some folks just don’t want to listen and just see the cool aspect of the bad boy on the scoot and broads.

    Later on in life as a adult (I ride, but I am a crotch rocket guy they all hate) & I did witness firsthand in Daytona some of the behavior (when in packs and liquor flowing) that showed me just how different my childhood memories were and like all kids, my memories were a little more rosy and I gave them grace because they were kind to me as a child.

    Basically many of these guys are good basic blue collar guys, many ex-vets that sadly once get locked in the life, are locked in good and bad. No different than any other local thugs, just a little bit more organized and weathered. This show is interesting to me as I was shocked to some of the old guys still alive (or locked up). Also interesting the producers were smart enough (at least in the 1st episode) not to have mentioned any of the “other” rival clubs. Be interesting if this was filmed before or after the Philly / Orlando chapter disaster.

  • thetruthhhhhhhh22

    Hey Roger, great TV but seems like a lose-lose situation to put your club on display like this even if its only a few members. Must have been an interesting and lively clubhouse discussion when this offer came up lol. Ride safe!!!!!!

  • Aj Ray

    What a fag thehatedone is. I bet u can find him trying to look over bathroom stalls at over guys dicks to. I’m sure that you are the type of guy that rides a bikers ass or cuts him off in traffic and when he confronts you about it you call the cops. You hide behind your computer screen talking shit when in all reality you are too much of a bitch to act like a real man. I wish you was anywhere around me and I caught you laughing at a biker that has passed away because I would put you in the grave next to him you fucking pathetic excuse. Go back to sucking your mamas tittiesand having her wash your back for you you faggot ass bitch

  • hope for better furture

    Here it is. this show is garbage like most of the shows on television.
    this crap is not worth none of our time and makes us even more hostile towards each other..
    Ratings=Profit.. no morals ,no strategic plan to make the network family friendly.
    I used to hear if you dont like the show then change the channel BUT all the networks are putting on the same garbage .to change from one channel to another that is family friendly we can see a number of account of horrible language (most of the time the words arent bleeped out)Violence ,drugs, drug commercials and lets not forget the midday dismembered of some poor kid on the latest on CSI Miami or new york (for shock value) which airs on a 24 hour bases. NOW for the best of discovery. i thought i would flip on the channel tonight around 7.30 with my 7 yr old son to see if there might be something on a Sunday evening that would be somewhat educational like the old days but instead we see a women naked on the Brand new show naked survivors. Damn if i couldn’t reach the remote control fast enough then tell my son this used to be a good network but now is absolute garbage. Yes discovery,history channel with there catfish yanking with the stars. yes I’m ranting, of course i am because these networks arnt thinking of the you and me.only ratings.
    really now how is a show about a motorcycle gangs and there trials and tribulations relevant to our lives and for GOD sake how is it entertainment unless you consider the lower forms on this planet entertaining. then again maybe we can find out why biker bobs wife is leaving him for is biker pal because they all are family and share everything.

  • blueman

    After the laughable “Devils Ride”, I know the MC community was eager to show the world how life is in a real MC, but unfortunately “Warlocks Rising” falls short and does the same thing, following step for step with “Devils Ride”. It shows how sad these guys are with their apparent lack of education, petty “turf” wars, and ridiculous idea of importance. Having served in the USMC, I know what it means to standing with and back up your brother. They earn points by pointing out that many members served in the military, but sadly it appears many did not. I have no sympathy for brothers lost to an illegal cause or locked down for breaking the law. If they want to “live the life style” that’s the price you pay. I find it a sad look at life wasted or spent “wasted. “Most people look back at their life and wonder if they made a difference, Marines don’t have that problem” Ronald Regan

  • jeffrow

    Its a good thing you post in in-cog. wouldn’t wont to make a scared-e cat eat their words. LOL . hide while you still can ;)

  • jeffrow

    Right on .. some people dont have a clue ,

  • waste of my time

    no wonder the outlaws kick the shi………t out of these guys. i can say at one point i actually respected this mc. these clowns can go have i pillow fight with the devils ride bitchs. what a joke, and a disgrase to the 1%.

  • JWilson43

    Talk about a lazy ass, You look like you’re not into exercising Lard ass!

  • Ginger Hammachi

    I am disgusted with Discovery Channel. My son was murdered in Apopka, FL by one of their wannabe probies trying to impress his “brothers.” What has happened to CLASS, true PRIDE in humanity, and FEARLESSNESS without needing a bunch of cockroaches around you to make you feel like a man?

  • “yawn”

    Watched the show during commercial breaks from another show. Scripted, staged and just… well boring. Nothing factual and confirmed what I learned long ago. MCs are not a threat or significant unless you put your self into their little bubble of life. Watching yet another show about this life style reminds me of a goldfish in a bowl. Seems very lonely in that little bowl. Why anyone would limit themselves like that is sad. I guess everyone needs a way to feel good about themselves.

  • micksick

    show seems pretty fake…

  • Rebecka Toney

    your family member didn’t risk his life “for” me. The Viet Nam war was a mistake, and the occupation in Iraq is illegal and immoral, and even World War II was not what it’s purported to be (we know the truth now about Churchill and Roosevelt and what went down). As for Afghanistan, well…Lest you think I’m some ignorant pacifist, my dad fought in THREE wars and was a full bird colonel, and I grew up semper fi, but even Barry Goldwater came around and someday perhaps Rummy and Cheney (well, never mind about Cheney)….who you calling lazy ass americans. you mean your “family member” isn’t an amurikun? Anyone who isn’t in the service is lazy? Physicians are lazy? Police officers risk their lives, so do firefighters. So do those fat guys riding their hogs without helmets and eating too much and smoking, and swilling alcohol. I thank them for their polluting two-wheelers! I’d say it to their bad-smelling faces. ew. I saw a piece of this show tonight and thought, great, Discovery launches another dud. Naked and Afraid. yeah, right. Bring back Dirty Jobs.

  • Rebecka Toney

    your insults are profoundly uncreative. Very hackneyed and 8th-graderish.
    too bad.

  • Buddy_Hinton

    Pansy? Who uses the word pansy lol.

  • Just some guy

    Discovery Channel. Please stop. Not all motorcycle enthusiasts have fantasies about a 1%er life style and want to see the equivalent to The Dukes of Hazard
    on two wheels sans (I use the term loosely) comedy. Those who are or are affiliated with the 1% culture find it insulting. You are promoting the idea that anybody on a motorcycle is up to no good in the mind of the average citizen. They don’t realize the “bad guy” they have some strange unexplained grudge against on the road is an accountant on a Yamaha V Star. The hipster on the chopped Honda CB750 is just a pretentious kid wearing a pair of Chucks and a handlebar moustach. They’re not running guns, selling meth, or having recreational bar fights.
    To put it bluntly: You’re fucking it up for all of us.

  • trouble

    Power to them living old style find hate done and teach him a little lesson

  • Guest

    @Fred Wilson ……lazy ass Americans that are willing to give up rights, left and right for some safety, what rights, oh you mean the NDAA and the NSA spying(Patriot Act)..soon to be repealed…..I have a family member that is on this show. A war veteran. That risked his life for you lazy ass Americans….What war? And how are Americans lazy? The US has the worlds largest economy, almost 20 trillion dollars. The US is over 83% energy independent, the deficit is now down to 4.2% of GDP. By 2015 ALL US gov’t vehicles and 30% of US truck fleets will run on bio-fuels that burn 80% cleaner and are less toxic then table salt. NASA’s ORION takes flight in 2014 and NASA’s SLS takes flight in 2017, so keep bashing the US while us lazy ass Americans keep moving forward


    @Fred Wilson ……lazy ass Americans that are willing to give up rights, left and right for some safety, what rights, oh you mean the NDAA and the NSA spying(Patriot Act)..soon to be repealed…..I have a family member that is on this show. A war veteran. That risked his life for you lazy ass Americans….What war? And how are Americans lazy? The US has the worlds largest economy, almost 20 trillion dollars. The US is over 83% energy independent, the deficit is now down to 4.2% of GDP. By 2015 ALL US gov’t vehicles and 30% of US truck fleets will run on bio-fuels that burn 80% cleaner and are less toxic then table salt. NASA’s ORION takes flight in 2014 and NASA’s SLS takes flight in 2017, so keep bashing the US while us lazy ass Americans keep moving forward..

  • Albie Roberts

    But FL doesn’t have and has never had a bottle deposit program. So what “soda deposit bottles” do you mean and what did you do with them?

  • Scott

    I don’t think you have to be an outcast to be attracted to the 1%er life. If you’re meant for it, you can feel it calling to you.

  • Scott

    It’s staged. In the two episodes I watched, I observed numerous offenses that would make local law enforcement come down on them. And the evidence is right there on film.

  • southern grace

    Bottle deposits were in Florida in the 60’s too, I can remember gathering them up out of yards and buying penny candy with when I was 9-10 years old..

  • southyerngrace

    I bet the outlaws are laughing their asses off on this one, I mean really, can you believe this crap? Something you would never see in the 70’s, hell I remember some bars in south florida where they didn’t allow cameras in the bar… Like they would agree to this…

  • Scott Dorer

    Apparently this hippie chick does.

  • mrx

    Warlocks are one of the most dangerous gangs in the US anybody thinks this is fake is living under a rock. what this show is depicting as is fun loving good bunch of people who are misunderstood. Which is a lie this Gang as done everything from trafficking drugs to murder Discovery promoting this shows they only care about money and are forgetting that they are promoting very dangerous Gang who have done some very bad things

  • A~Ron

    Spoken like a dumb ungrateful bitch. You give excuses on why there shouldn’t’ve been a war but in reality people are dying and you could give a shit less, fuck you. And for your info be and my two brothers fought and continue to fight overseas. Move to Canada ungrateful bitch who don’t have the courage to serve

  • augisfat

    I hear you brother, not judging. I was just sharing my memories of my interactions as a lost kid, at the time they were larger than life dudes on mostly pre-AMF hogs and to a 9-11 year, old seemed harmless.

  • augisfat

    Rebeca Toney: With all due respect, it sounds like your beef is with the Govt. (and rightfully so). I have no issues about anyone bitching and moaning about the merits or cause and effect of a War and or the chicken hawks who start them, but please, NEVER disparage the men and woman who serve (or have served) and only follow orders to do their trained jobs/responsibilities (whether infantry, a Seabee in WWII or a engineer in North Korea, a cook in Kabul or a private 1st Class in Grenada) these men and woman (mostly young kids/teenagers throughout our history) have served with honor (please dont mention the .01% of bad apples that every segment/industry of our sick world includes).

    Again, bitch about the Govt all you want, but speak kindly of our proud military both past and present. I am the only civilian coward in my family (sorry, family joke) and could not be more proud of my bloodline in the military both in real time and in the ground (this also applies to LEO which many have gone into).

  • JoJo

    In response to what Thehatedone stated. For one not all bikers are like the Warlocks. Like most MC’s, the Warlocks have forgotten that being a biker is all about enjoying the ride, taking care of women, children, & animals. Its about a code of honor that most those so-called 1%ers have forgotten about. I am an independent female rider that gets grief all the time from the males that belong to the MCs because they have this wide screwed up idea that women are property. NOT!!! I will ride next to my man, but I will never be his property. Please do not judge all bikers by what you see coming from the MCs. I happen to be a respected business woman who has been riding motorcycles since I was 7 years old when my uncle placed me on the back of my first minibike. I love riding, and today I ride a VT1100. I am a firm believer that 4 wheels may move the body, but only 2 wheels can move the soul. There is nothing in this world that a little bit of wind therapy & a tank of gas can’t fix.

  • JoJo

    Don’t even start about The Vietnam War being a mistake. My father died in that war lady!!! All of us Americans sleep better at night because of the men & women who fight & die for this country. If you can’t support our military & the job they do, then I will help u pack ur belongings so u can get out of my country. And since not all bikers are the same, don’t judge us all by what a few hundred idiots do.

  • dutch

    lets be clear punks anytime ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • 2tone

    I’m a member of a 1 percent club my self the Detroit highwaymen I was lil hessitant bout watching knowing cameras outsiders in our world could be a bad thing or come off as fake like the other bike club show laughing devils at least the first part of that club name is true I’m still laughing at them wannabes but discovery did a good job the warlocks I think took a huge risk in doing the show in the end I like it and its real easy for people to post these comments bout the warlocks or any other outlaw club on here but bet face to face not one of them would say what they post here shows were not a bunch of crazed murders running the streets it’s about family brotherhood and living a life style most men dream about but don’t have the guts honor or courage to do it we are mostly made up of veterans who also walked the walk and talk for this country while the same ppl who post these comments bout is being over weight and dirt bags hide at home and watched us fight on tv I am a highwaymen I’m a 1 precenter I’m a family man and a Iraq freedom veteran so keep talking computer tough guys we can’t hear you and our world would chew you up and spit you out discovery should get ahold of my club too ten netorious out law club according to the FBI and the only one not to have a gang land show on us due to the show ending but yet went thru the largest FBI investigation in the history of the FBI and outlaw clubs I hope they do more seasons of the show with maybe other clubs to get our lives words and feelings out there to show ppl we ain’t what they think we are and what it’s like to live free and have true brotherhood best of luck to the warlock nation and discovery channel keep your heads up ride safe from your local highwaymen m/c Detroit chapter HFFH

  • 2tone

    Lol you know nothing bout our life what we are or what we are about you would never make it in our world any outlaw clubs world I wish you would go to the warlocks club house and voice your opinion to there face ppl like you wish you had what it takes to ride with a real club but yet don’t have the heart or the courage to do it that’s your problem to go to bed and dream bout doing what we in this world do dream bout real trust brotherhood and family outside of blood is about to know best friends standing next to you would take a bullet for you in a second that feeling is worth more than money done ppl have one or two friends in a lifetime like that I have hundereds in over 7 states good luck to you tho keep hating but secretly wishing you had a cut a harley and the brotherhood I myself and the warlocks highwaymen Hells angles so on and so on have !!!!!

  • Marty Doll

    For all those that think this show is another Sons OF Anarchy , well you are wrong , These guys are very legit and if you think that you are bad enough and think they are a joke , well travel down to Orlando and walk in the Mother Chapter and tell them that, but I strongly suggest you make out a will and tell your next of kin where you are going and hope they can find your body. I myself support the Warlocks

  • thehatedone

    i’ll take them one on one anytime. i’ll make sure to have my 3 inch steel toe boots, brass punch rings, leather jacket, knife, mounds of fat, oh yeah, and 30 friends to jump in.

  • thehatedone

    i wanna see them have a war with a mexican gang like sorrentos. anybody can shoot a gun. don’t be so stupid. one on one is one thing. 20 on one is another.

  • Rogue Wulf

    Amen to that. Gotta love these online tough asses lol. These are the ones that cower behind their pitiful girlfriends or wives. None have the testicular fortitude to face any biker. Pussies is what you Internet loud mouths are.

  • nitemare

    These posers are a Joke and liars. The real WARLOCKs wear RED and White colors and started in Philly. Not some choaked chicken and a bunch of bitches filling holes in the ground. JOs Your end is Near! LAMO

  • Q


  • thehatedone

    holy shit, i’m praying right now for you to stop! i’m glad that people are seeing what a ‘real’ american biker is all about. you have evolved into cretins holding beer cans crying out for camaraderie. you are aware of the rest of this planet, are you not? and maybe the other planets too? don’t worry. our time of conflict is nearing. and i won’t be wearing boxing gloves. right now i prefer to stay out of your second home, i.e. prison. you may like it there but i don’t think i will. enough of the shenanigans you hairy homo. i’m so over this shit. i wish i was like the elite rich of south florida who can afford to live on an island and keep away from you grumbling uneducated penis-whipping peasants. you’re one of the many reasons why i will never send my child to public school. you lower-income scum. your kids probably have a ring of shit around their mouths right now with lice jumping out of their hair. let me guess. you’re ‘wife’ has a fake tan and is on her third marriage. your derelict life is something you need to start fighting, not a stranger from the internet who could be anywhere in the world! you clueless fucking dirtbag. your class will be exterminated in the coming decades. white trash. emphasis on the trash. nobody likes you. go home. maybe the niggers can trade you some crack for that weed-eater. i have a suggestion for your feral family. prepare for the future. the ruling society doesn’t want you around. they’re gonna cut the strings, big man of florida, and you’ll be the one crying when you can’t afford your hospital bills or when you find there’s nothing left of your pathetic retirement fund. your house is worthless and you have almost no savings. you can’t move up but you can always go down. down. down. down. america is gonna choke you people out. for good.

  • kj

    some people you just can’t reach. the lines for these clubs are still very clear in the c. florida area and they are as real as it gets! you dont have to look very hard to find them, say some of the dumb shit i’ve read on here and your buddies will be pullin you out of the dumpster out back. have a BLACK AND WHITE CHRISTMAS!

  • bj

    christmas? does that mean you’re a christian? oh, i hear the bloods and the crips do a good drive-by, and the latin kings have a penchant for the machete. guns don’t kill people, people kill people. and i know you’re ever so proud of that. that’s why your bloodline will always be in the underclass! yay! i do indeed enjoy a good gladiatorial match. popcorn, please!!!
    p.s. try sending your kids through college and setting them up for success. or is a biker gang the pinnacle of life on earth for you?

  • Iceman

    Nightmare…….You’re a loud mouthed punk…I’ll meet you anywhere ,anytime…Iceman.WMC

  • Q


  • imsotired

    And when I hearken to the Earth, she saith:’My fiery heart shrinks, aching. It is death.Mine ancient scars shall not be glorified,Nor my titanic tears, the seas, be dried.’

  • Q

    what r u saying .it almost looks like ur trying to reference the bible but i know ur not .

  • JC


  • disqus_562eI5ddu3

    you guys need a bike or a life, don’t blame the birds, thousands of hours went into just filming, from there the discovery show cut n edited what they thought you’d like to see. I’m not going to say who I am, but i’m close by and support the birds.
    why don’t all you haters get your fat asses off the couch and go do something instead of watching a show in which you wish you could live that life. ooops i’m sorry did your wife say you can go or is it chore time at your house, can you swipe your debit card without telling her, does she plan your days…Fuck you. Fuck my computer and all this blog bullshit, get a life. To the Birds, keep on rising like always, we are here to support you, fuck the bloggers. As for internal business that’s all you guys. L&R to all warlocks nationwide.
    thehatedone…..fucking pencil pushing pussy…..this bitch probably types 300 words a minute …..what a life.

  • Truthp

    The show should be on bravo

  • bill

    Was part of this life in the 70`s and loved it. But sadly had to leave it for personal reasons. I still ride with some of the old gang and stay in touch with a lot more. I am educated and well respected in my field. Steady family man. Believe in God and my country. Every group has it’s bad apples but that does not reflect what/who we really are. Pretenders are everywhere. Wan-a-be”s are everywhere. Those who have lived the life know what we are….

  • Steve Johnson

    you sound like bitch dude and we all know you dont have the balls to say this to any clubs face 1% or not.

  • jimbo321

    Hey, leave Canada out of it, you panzies.

  • Burley

    I agree with all you said about both ,the wars and bikers.Don’t judge a book by its cover.I’m a former 1% from up north?Now I’m not say,n were all saints or angels an yes some may been on the dark side ,but u can find it in all walks of live.But also find ones that are family men ,have jobs ( legal ones) ect…Bottom line ,a solid brother,that lives a life that he loves an follows a different road that 99% of most don’t…PS,,I bet we’ve been right next 2 you ,and you didn’t even know it…(LOL)..


    My god never have i seen such stupid shit wrote as i do here dosent matter if members are 2o or 60, the ones that critize them have no balls i am sure one them old school Brothers would love to take u to school.Knucks to the warlocks fuck the rest of you asses

  • Evette Coutier

    As a normal person I have to ask why would you want to live like the warlocks? They talk about freedom, but all they have done is trade societies rules for the club’s rules. I watched the show and the member, Slob, had to get his president’s permission to have a party for his buddy getting out of jail. This is being a big tough man, having to get permission to have a party? You are welcome to it. I don’t need anyone’s permission to have a party.