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OMG! Todrick Hall is coming to Orlando

July 8, 2014

Just in case you’re not living in 2014, and have somehow missed out on the fabulousness that is Todrick Hall, here’s the 411: He got pretty far (not far ’nuff though) in season 9 of American Idol – check his audition HERE (Lee De-who-cares won that year …  you can bet those producers are just chokin’ on regret right now). He’s also been on Broadway, opened this year’s Kid’s Choice Awards and has choreographed for Beyonce, to boot.

He’s best known for his YouTube channel escapades – basically, gay Disney Narnia – in which he is constantly wowing his audience with upbeat and hilarious videos featuring bougie Disney bitches, Target flash mobs and his own Toddified Judge Judy. He recently hit the 100 million view mark on his YouTube channel, so to celebrate he’s taken his show on tour to wow us in person.

Todrick Hall will be performing his touring Twerk Du Soleil show 7 p.m. Friday the 18th at Hard Rock Live. Tickets  are $25 and can be purchased HERE.

Welcome to Orlando Toddy, we love your face.

Check out some of our favorite Toddy videos below:

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