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Gamelando: Our best (and worst) of E3 2014

June 12, 2014

The Electronic Entertainment Expo was quite a feast for the senses this year. The impact of this new generation of gaming consoles allowed for developers to really spread their wings and unveil a few secret weapons. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite moments:

The Good Stuff:

Sony’s “We’re the best” approach

After a year of incredible sales and the blowout success of the Playstation 4, Sony took the stage and confidently delivered the goods. The game selection was fantastic, their love for their fans was honest and the press conference was easily the most well-rounded of the lot.


Sony’s E3 2014 Press Conference

Uncharted 4‘s new coat of paint

Naughty Dog is no stranger to revolutionizing gaming on the graphics front, and the new Uncharted game (titled A Thief’s End) showcased a darker side of the franchise and a beautiful new model for its hero, Nathan Drake. The trailer was rendered in-engine, and we have no doubt this one will kick ass and set trends “one last time.”


Naughty Dog

Rainbow Six: Siege melts faces

Sure, we were all hoping for Beyond Good and Evil 2 at the end of Ubisoft’s rockstar conference, but what we got instead was a seemingly triumphant return for Rainbow Six. A woman is being held hostage in a suburban home: One team are the kidnappers, while the other team has to bust into the house and rescue her. The environments looked completely destructible, there were multiple methods to completing your objective and it was ridiculously tense. Loved it.



No Man’s Sky is the most “next-gen” thing I’ve seen all year … and it’s an indie game

The new indie team Hello Games completely blindsided the entire convention with a stylish, “infinitely” open-world space exploration game. One minute you’ll be discovering new species on foreign planets, and the next you’ll jump into a ship and traverse the galaxy with your friends. This one looks like a complete revolution.


Hello Games

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