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Pulp Fiction-themed Halloween show just announced

July 21, 2014

All right, everybody be cool. Because if you don’t have plans to flee town on Halloween for Fest 13’s ridiculous beefy festival lineup (hello, Melvins!), the most perfectly offbeat Halloween party just cropped up on Will’s Pub’s calendar: Pulp Fiction Live. (RSVP)

It’s 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31, at Will’s Pub, Lil Indies and Uncle Lou’s, and it calls upon local musicians from Thee Wilt Chamberlain and the Plush Monsters to recreate and perform the entire soundtrack, from Kool and the Gang’s “Jungle Boogie” to the Revels’ “Comanche.” For wussies who hate the scary side of Halloween and avoid Universal’s Horror Nights like it’s the plague (and not just infected by zombies), this is the ideal costume party. (Show up in costume and get a free drink; show up as Gimp and get three free drinks.)

But Orlando’s most inventive freaks won’t be the only ones outfitted to adhere to the theme; this event sprang from some of the same minds who transformed Will’s Pub for the epic Prince cover show, and the event page promises that Uncle Lou’s will be decked out as Maynard and Zed’s Pawn Shop and Lil Indies “will become the 1950s-themed Jack Rabbit Slim’s.”

There’s plenty of time, so maybe start planning your costume now?

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  • getdowngetdown

    pulp fiction for the win
    a movie that will always bring a smile to my face
    is that normal and/or healthy?
    i guess it doesn’t matter

    pulp fiction gets inside of me and moves all around and just whoo!

    you know what they put on french fries in holland instead of ketchup?
    i seen em do it, man. they fuckin drown em in that shit.

  • cocaine

    i’ll be dressed as the son of a preacher man.

  • heroin

    and just look at james dean gyrating in your meme!