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Orlando native Michelle Cameron produces music videos for Paramore and Yoko Ono

February 3, 2014

Michelle Cameron is an Orlando native carving a niche for herself in Brooklyn, and she’s making her name in music video production.

She acted as co-producer for Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun,” which shows fans how destructive the threesome can be, as they take on the task of breaking the most world records for their video concept.

How can you tear your eyes away after you see the band, blindfolded, and running backwards with arms full of stuffed animals? Like the rebels they are, the rock band goes Captain Hook, using guitars as veritable baseball bats to bash in the faces of clocks in the opening scene. And it only gets crazier! The video has reached more than 3 million views in less than a week of its release.

Cameron also produced Yoko Ono’s “Bad Dancer,” which came out late last year.

Among other bands she’s worked with in the past, the Pretty Reckless and the National also leveraged her superior cinematography skills in their videos.

Cameron went to University of Florida for communications, film & TV production, and recently directed the 2013 feature film, The Piano: An Odyssey, which is set in both Orlando and Brooklyn.

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  • Becky Cameron-Kenyon

    Michelle Cameron, what a phenomenal talent on the rise!