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Moonmen From Mars debut new EP, plus screen ‘They Live’ and lure you with free pizza

June 25, 2014


In John Carpenter’s satirical sci-fi flick They Live, aliens are the evil forces responsible for driving humanity to spend all their dollars and live a Stepford Wives-like existence, without questioning the establishment (who are, again, ALIENS). For Moonmen From Mars’ CD release, they’re doing something a little similar – for $5, you can see the costumed band and their gloriously un-Earthly footage as they perform songs from their debut EP, The Horrors of Dr. Jones, at Acme Superstore at 7 p.m. July 1, where you can take advantage of a 25 percent discount off sci-fi and horror merch (which is what they want you to buy) and pick up the local band’s EP for $5. (RSVP)

After the band plays, enjoy a screening of They Live and snack on free pizza. I can’t think of a single reason not to go, unless maybe you’ve walked a white line your entire life, and you’re not about to screw that up?

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