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Hey you! Support a local filmmaker’s horror short this Halloween

October 31, 2013

What better day to support a local filmmaker’s horror short than today? Seriously.

Orlando guy Jason Kupfer and his team have less than two days to go to meet their fundraising goal on Indiegogo so that they can finish up shooting and editing Invaders.

Invaders is a Thanksgiving-themed horror-comedy about a home invasion gone wrong when the two crooks put more effort into picking out their creepy masks than they do into planning the invasion.

As you would expect from a horror-comedy, the short aims to pack in as much blood and guts and broken teeth as possible. Fake blood effects are kind of pricey, but they’re very close to meeting their goal and you can help them and maybe get yourself on the IMDb in the process. Take a gander at their Indiegogo page to see if you want to throw them a few bucks.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the ghosts of Weekly editors past and probably present are chasing me for using the word gander and I must run run run.

UPDATE: Jason passed his goal of $5,000. Thanks to anyone who helped out!



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  • Biggest Fan

    Jason is a local, award winning, extremely gifted Writer, Producer, and Musician. Google his name to view and hear his success. His music has been selected for RockBand and W Hotels and HardRock Resorts International. Please help Jason and be part of his latest work with your name in the credits! He won’t disappoint!

  • Invade your wallet

    I was quick to support Invaders because Jason’s last horror movie undertaking was so ubernuts, it still gives me nightmares… in a great way. Jason has a high standard for perfection, so we know this film is going to be the best it can be. He has worked on some awesome campaigns and won tons of awards, but his true talent is apparent in his original music and writing. This dude is a genius, and you’d be the opposite to not support this project.