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Our appetite for messed up Disney art knows no bounds

April 2, 2014

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Since the early 1970s, Orlando and Disney have been inextricably linked in the common mind. Though Walt died before before he was able to see “the Florida Project” completed (or even begun), he left his mark on the local geography, economy and imagination.

It’s an uneasy coupling, though. Though the original plans were announced at the Park 11 theater (back when it was 2 screens, and before it was in Winter Park), Disney World isn’t really in Orlando, and the sugary daydream of the parks isn’t really representative of the area in the slightest. Disney is known as the happiest place on Earth, but Orlando (and Florida in general) keeps making the national news for stories like Casey Anthony, Trayvon Martin and hanging chads.

His series isn’t necessarily aimed at Orlando, but,  José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros captures the dichotomy anyway in his series DisHollywood, which features Disney characters as they might actually be if they lived in Orlando — tattooed, partying, getting buff, pooping on your lawn… and getting a fine haircut from Edward Scissorhands? Why not, they filmed it in Orlando after all.

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Check out his Facebook photostream for a lot more.

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