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Five ways to have a Disney-inspired wedding without draining your wallet

July 24, 2014

Ah, the Disney wedding: two words that are expensive enough independently without even considering the chunk of change they elicit when merged into a single entity.

Today’s average (non-Disney) wedding costs thousands of dollars, and taking a trip to Walt Disney World isn’t cheap either. So if you’re looking at a traditional-type wedding AT Walt Disney World, you’d better either be really well off financially or prepared to pay off a bill for years to come.

Luckily for us Disney-loving plebeians, there are ways to Disney up your own wedding without dipping into your retirement fund — especially since we already live so close to the parks. Here are my favorite tips.

1. Theme it.

Get creative! Want an entire Disney-themed wedding? Go for it! This bride dressed as Ariel and had all her bridesmaids dressed as Disney Princesses:

You can always go more subtle, too. Maybe name your tables after Disney couples, or have a Disney song for your first dance. Serve Italian or French food as a nod to Lady and the Tramp or Beauty and the Beast. Buy a Disney Princess-inspired gown. Incorporate Disney into your invitations. Make your engagement photos Disney-inspired. There are so many possibilities I couldn’t even begin to cover them all, so go browse Pinterest and Etsy to see for yourself.

2. Wedding-fy your Disney instead of Disney-fying your wedding.

Let me explain further, since I used two words I just made up: Celebrate the fact that you’re getting married while you’re at Walt Disney World — in essence, give your Disney trip a wedding edge instead of the other way around.

For example, these ear hats exist:


Mine is cuter because of the veil, but his has tuxedo tails.

As do these useless-yet-undeniably-adorable MagicBand attachment thingies (scientific name):


Other ideas for wedding-related things to do at Walt Disney World:

  • Get “Happily Ever After,” “Just Engaged,” and/or “I’m Celebrating!” buttons from Guest Services for free
  • Wear “Mr.” and “Mrs.” shirts
  • Paint your faces in your wedding colors (just not in the summer)

Do whatever you feel like doing to combine your matrimonial bliss with a visit to your favorite mouse. Just be prepared to either awkwardly say, “It’s coming up!” or lie through your teeth to everyone who congratulates you and asks when you got married. Back in March when Josh and I got our wedding ears, we had a cast member announce to the entirety of the Liberty Inn restaurant that we were “on our honeymoon.” He also said Josh’s last name wrong. I also tried to run away and was thwarted. But I did get a free brownie, so that’s something. I’ve considered not wearing the ears again but they aren’t cheap so I’m getting full use out of them, damn it.

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  • autumndandelion

    These ideas are awesome! So creative! :)

  • Jen

    Hey thanks! :o)

  • Esmerelda

    I love it. I’ve always wanted to do a Disney Cruise and thought about the ‘too many kids’ thing but those are great points! Nice article!

  • Jen

    Same! Like I figured once I had the money to finally do a Disney Cruise it would be when I was a little older and wanted to relax more, hence not be around kids as much. So it was so nice to find out that they have adults-only areas. They also have an Irish pub and a piano bar on board, which are huge pluses for my fiancé. So one day we will do it for sure, with or without kids, hah!

    Thanks for reading! :o)