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Video: Food Network Star’s Emily Ellyn at Maxine’s on Shine

June 26, 2012

As an arts and culture critic, I know I might be expected to have my television dial welded to PBS, but my not-so-guilty secret is that my DVR is filled with Food Network. Ranking right up there on my regular recording schedule with Chopped and Iron Chef is Food Network Star (formerly Next Food Network Star), where previously-unknown chefs compete for instant employment headlining their own series.

This season, Orlando resident Emily Ellyn was a standout chef among the hopeful chefs until her untimely elimination on Sunday night. To celebrate her final appearance, Ellyn attended a standing-room-only viewing party at Thornton Park restaurant Maxine’s on Shine, dressed in her trademark retro-rad style.

Following the broadcast of her elimination episode, Emily addressed the adoring assembled (see the video below) and posted for photos with fans. Despite being unable to actually hear the audio over the chattering crowd (thank FCC for closed captioning) it was an ideal way to enjoy the episode, especially because of the excellent lobster ravioli I ate during it.

Despite the loss, I predict we’ll see Ellyn again soon; history shows that the winner of this competitor is often eclipsed in the long run by those who were axed earlier. And I’ll be eating Maxine’s again on one of their frequent theme nights, like Tuesday’s Parlor Nights with rotating solo musicians from the Orlando Philharmonic.


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  • Debra Santavicca

    The judges made a mistake! Emily Ellen, aka retro-rad is a star and should have gotten her own show!

  • Maxine

    Hi There, This is Maxine. Just a small correction. THURSDAY nights is when we have a musician from the Orlando Philharmonic play at Maxine’s. Friday is a local fun muscian and Saturday nights it’s Jazz and classical w/ Sergei who is also the pianist for the Philharmonic. And Sunday nights is audition night and a fun night as well.

    We loved hhaving Emily in the house and her many friends were so kind and wonderful. Let’s do it all again. Real soon.,