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The Plush Monsters perform at the first edition of the Quarterly comedy night

January 24, 2014

Orlando’s stand-up comedy scene has built some real traction recently, with recurring nights like Shit Sandwich, regular stand-up nights at Bull & Bush, and now, the Quarterly. This showcase will happen four times a year (thus, the name), featuring five different comedians each bout, along with a featured band of the night. The first installment of this series happens tonight, 9:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 24 at Will’s Pub, with comedic styling from Nick Pupo, Matt Gersting, Ross Martin, Jacob Galang and Jordan Cole Ensminger. (RSVP here) Music will be provided by the Plush Monsters, and the whole event is seemingly the brainchild of host Tom Feeney. And this is how they get ya – ordinarily, the event will be $6, but for the debut, admission is sliced in half at only $3.

I tried to dig up some of the stand-up, so we all know what we’re getting into. Check out Nick Pupo at the Improv:

Jacob Galang has had a spin at the Improv, as well, on the downsides of “fuckless friendships:”

And here’s a clip of Ross Martin from Austin’s Coffee, teaching us how to toast cookies?

If you’ve not yet made it out to see the Plush Monsters, here’s a taste of what they sound like, from their live recording released last year:

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