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Orlando Fringe Review: Tim and Spencer’s Yet Unnamed Magic Project

May 17, 2014
Tim + Spencer's Yet Unnamed Magic Project at 2014 Orlando Fringe

Tim + Spencer’s Yet Unnamed Magic Project at 2014 Orlando Fringe

Magician Spencer Hojdila and and mentalist Tim Hoffman have been so busy in the basement cooking up new illusions that they didn’t have time to come up with a decent title for Tim + Spencer’s Yet Unnamed Magic Project. Now these best friends are locked in a duel to the death with each other — and their nemesis David Copperfield — over the last remaining membership in a magicians’ council so secret they don’t even know what it’s called.

Spencer displays stellar sleight-of-hand skills, starting with a clever new trick in which one playing card “ingests” a bite from another; a later stunt with sharp construction spikes is heart-stopping. Tim’s mind-reading wasn’t quite as successful; he correctly guessed the word a volunteer picked out of a fat book, but several other of his attempts fell flat, though he kept his humor throughout the failures. Between the pair, they produced enough effective effects to keep me entertained for almost an hour.

The pair have an easygoing, jokey rapport with each other and their audience, though they could use a director to help them tighten up their show flow. If you like your magic shows served with a silly side of bromance, Tim and Spencer won’t steer you too far wrong.


Corrupting the Kids – Orlando, FL
Length: 60 Venue: Purple Price: $9 (+svc. Charge)
Disc.: FA | FV | STU | SR | MIL
Rating: All –


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