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Alien vs. Predator joins the Halloween Horror Nights lineup

August 5, 2014
Image via Universal Orlando

Image via NBCUniversal

AVP: Alien vs. Predator is the latest property to join this year’s Halloween Horror Nights lineup. The sci-fi horror franchise creates a frightening crossover between the monsters in both the Alien and Predator films, forcing humankind to fight for survival during the chaos brought on by these two creatures. The original Alien film turns 35 this year and we could think of no better way for it to celebrate its birthday.

Here’s the scoop on the maze directly from Universal:

“Guests will find themselves thrust right into the middle of the primordial battle between the Aliens and Predators as they visit one of Weyland-Yutani’s secret facilities to assist with a situation that has surfaced. Communication has been lost with a bio-weapons research facility in Central America which houses many divisions dealing in extra-terrestrial technologies, specifically the Alien Xenomorph species. Pieces of transmissions were received detailing that the facility has become compromised and another alien species called Yautja – commonly known as Predators – are hunting both the Xenomorphs and any human presence found. Guests will have to navigate through the labyrinth of destruction within the facility as they struggle to survive the ancient feud between these two deadly species.

The terrifying new AVP: Alien vs Predator maze at Universal Studios will answer the proverbial question asked by mankind since the beginning of time: Are we alone in this dark, vast universe?”

We don’t recommend tackling the universe alone, much less HHN; both are infinitely more fun in a group, especially if you push the first-timers to the front.

Universal’s announcement video gives you just a tiny taste of what you’ll experience in the AVP maze when Halloween Horror Nights kicks off on September 19:

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