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What’s up with Christo’s in College Park?

August 8, 2014

We’re going to need you to get a little more specific on that date, please :(


A reader emailed us yesterday to ask: “Can you tell us what’s going on with Christos in College Park?  It’s been closed for several weeks and on the sign it did say they were going to reopen on 7/28 but the sign is gone now.” Well, Tracy, we immediately freaked out because we feared our source of perfect Greek omelets might be going away.

First we called, and we got a “number disconnected” message. (Uh-oh.) When we looked at their Facebook page, it had just been updated, with a picture that was clearly taken at one of their outdoor patio tables. (Whew!) But then we noticed that many of their Facebook and Twitter posts were sort of generic, food-related inspirational messages. (Hmm.)

So we swung into action … well, y’know, got in the car and drove over there. Here’s what we found: It appears as though Christo’s Cafe is undergoing a major makeover. There are a couple of large dumpsters in the parking lot, furniture and equipment sits outside along with hardware and tools, and two City of Orlando permits – one for mechanical and one for electrical work – are taped to the window. Inside, the place is gutted and undergoing repairs and renovations.





In our review from 2007, we said: “In the face of a landscape burgeoning with whitewashed rejuvenation, Christo’s Café stands as a fixture in defiance. While progress in the guise of urban renewal encroaches on College Park’s historic streets, the recusant little diner flaunts its ‘this is your grandfather’s greasy spoon’ charm and, in so doing, has achieved a venerated standing in the community – a standing reinforced with every new brick laid along Edgewater Drive.” Looks like they’ve decided to do a little rejuvenation of their own – and that’s fine, so long as they keep serving those Greek omelets. 


Christo’s has served great omelets and hash browns to College Park’s hungry and hungover for years. (image via Facebook)



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  • Walker

    The owners also run Argos Diner in Apopka. They can be reached there if you want to speak with them. Ask for George. I’ve been going to Argos for years and only recently found out Christo’s was theirs too.

  • Sparky

    I hear from a good source that they will be open Thursday Aug. 14. So come on by and check the place out. You will not be disappointed.