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Ways to spend time with the Green Fairy in Orlando

March 5, 2014

Today is National Absinthe Day. No one can say for sure who started it, but it’s been unofficially celebrated since 2007, when the United States lifted the absinthe ban, which had been in effect since 1912. If you want to celebrate tonight, here are a few ways you can visit the green fairy:

The Courtesy Bar has eight different brands of absinthe to choose from, ranging in price from $11 to $15. None of these absinthes contain wormwood, which is what is rumored to give absinthe its hallucinogenic properties. The tradition of cubed sugar set above your glass while cool water drips over it remains intact, though. And trust me, while you won’t be hallucinating, you will have no trouble at all getting tipsy.

If you have a bottle of absinthe just sitting around the house and were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it, download this book of absinthe cocktails to your Kindle or iPad or whatever you read your e-books on.  The book contains 50 absinthe cocktails in total ranging from classic to contemporary.

The Monkey Gland

We’ve also featured a couple of cocktails containing absinthe in our Remix column: the traditional Sazerac, which calls for an absinthe wash of your glass, and the Monkey Gland, whose original recipe called for a dash of absinthe to coat the sides of the glass. 

If you’d rather celebrate National Absinthe Day vicariously, you know, skipping the Thursday morning hangover, why not watch a movie where absinthe plays a role in the action?

Moulin Rouge


Get Him to the Greek

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  • Scott D.

    As of a year or so ago, the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal served a traditional prep of Absinthe as well, complete with sugar cube, ice cold water tap, and slotted spoon.

  • Joshua Call

    All but one have wormwood in their distillations, Jacki. They are all regulated amounts unlike some of the Czech formulas in Czechoslovakia.

  • JigglyBits

    I have long held the theory that “Gin is a drink for people that hate themselves.”

    I will add, “Absinthe is a drink for people that hate themselves and those around them. It is for people that like to be carried out of the bar after embarrassing everyone including the bartender (and the bartender’s girlfriend).”

    Not to mention the taste is awful.

  • Habu

    Thanks for the post, Jacki. I’ll be in Orlando at the end of May, so if I’ll have some time, I’ll check it. ;)

    And by the way, absinthe is a delicate herbal beverage, which tastes GREAT! JigglyBits meant probably the usual Czechsinthe undrinkable crap lit on fire, which is by the way complete bullsh… There I have to agree. However I know a lot of people drinking the real stuff and all of them are the coolest people I’ve ever met.

    Joshua, most stuff from Czech have no thujone at all. Trust me. I’m from there. ;)