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First Look inside new Islands of Adventure Starbucks

January 21, 2014
Universal's new Islands of Adventure Starbucks in Port of Entry.

Universal’s new Islands of Adventure Starbucks in Port of Entry.

Disney fans went ballistic last year when Starbucks baristas invaded Main Street U.S.A. at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but there’s been comparative quiet over the expansion of Seattle’s most ubiquitous beans at Universal Orlando. Last night, I got a sneak peak inside the new Islands of Adventure Starbucks, which replaces the funnel cake window at the end of Port of Entry.

The inside seems surprisingly modern for the area’s theming…

I do like the rustic mermaid logo.

There’s another Starbucks coming to CityWalk soon, in the spot that used to hold the Endangered Species store. It supersedes the existing Starbucks on the second level, which will become the Cowfish restaurant.

Future site of your source for pre-Potter double espresso.

Check in with us this weekend, and follow skubersky on Twitter, for more breaking news from Universal about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


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  • Ben

    Great, now their fake-ass coffee will sit very nicely on fake-ass intersections.