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Thank you, Internet: lickable chocolate wallpaper and voodoo science

June 6, 2014

The end of the week is finally here and you’re ready to be done with work and get the weekend started, right? Well, you still have a few hours to kill, so here are some links to help you pass the minutes:

1. In something straight outta Willy Wonka, Scottish artist Anya Galliccio invites visitors to her newest art installation to interact with the dark chocolate walls in any way they choose. Of course, once inside the room, it’s impossible to escape looking at or smelling the chocolate, but she wants guests to go further by touching or, yes, even licking the walls.

2. So, yeah, it’s satisfying as hell to stab the shit out of a voodoo doll dressed like your worst enemy, but did you know there’s actual, legitimate science as to why it makes you feel better? Brad Bushman, a social psychologist, gave voodoo dolls to 107 married couples and asked them to start stabbing. Bushman’s study looks at the relationship between low blood sugar and aggression levels, as well as how stabbing a voodoo doll is just another form of “magical thinking.”

3. Season two of Orange Is the New Black is just sitting there, waiting for you, on Netflix. ALL 13 EPISODES!!!! Grab some binge supplies, plop your ass on the couch and obsess-watch the entire thing in one sitting. Until then, you can watch this gallery of season one GIFs.

4. In honor of today being National Donut Day, check out these fantastic donut doubles. Behance, along with ad agency The Marlin Network, put together this series of extremely accurate photographs depicting people and their donut doppelgangers, with help from the delicious folks at Strange Donuts.

5. Wanna go adventuring inside a tree? Or at least something that looks like the roots of a tree? Artist Henrique Oliveira created a massive network of tree roots using recycled wood. They look pretty damn cool from the outside, but the best part is that you can explore the inside of the roots. Look:

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