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Thank you, Internet: Taser photoshoots and peanut portraits

August 29, 2014

Guess what, you guys? It’s a three-day weekend! So, get your work done and start counting down the minutes ’til you can kick it off. Here are some links that should help kill at least some of that time:

1. Dude, this guy paints portraits on peanut shells that are more awesome than anything I’ve ever arted in my entire life. Steve Casino, self-proclaimed painter of nuts, paints super-accurate renditions of celebs on peanut shells. Then he adds bendy pipe-cleaner limbs and other accessories to make them even more realistic-looking. Even regular, non-celeb people can get their own Steve Casino-painted peanut portrait.

2. Photographer Patrick Hall was looking to get some raw emotion from his subjects. So, he shot ‘em with a stun gun … and filmed the whole thing.  You can see the complete series of portraits here, but the video’s our favorite part.

3. Yes, yes, National Hot Fudge Sundae day has come and gone, but there’s still no better way to cool off on a hot day then with a chilly bowl of the creamy cold stuff. These vintage ads (plus a couple recipes) really get our mouths watering.

4. One of the most important Labor Day weekend activities is drinking beer. It’s super-annoying when your 12-pack (or case) runs out. A Texas brewery has solved that problem with a 99 pack of beer. The Austin Beerworks is for realsies selling 99 cans of their Peacetime Anytime Ale for 99 bucks. Anyone wanna mail us some?

5. Four words for you: Real life Fruit Ninja (side note: damn that sword must be sharp!).

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