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Thank you, Internet: Reese’s Cup Oreos and Aladdin without pants

May 30, 2014

You know, short weeks sometimes seem longer than regular weeks, amirite? Well, Friday’s finally here and we’re down to the last few hours. Looking to spend the rest of your work week falling down an Internet rabbit hole? These links should help you get started:

1. Oreos are the mecca of the store-bought comfort food cookies. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the dream candy of those who adore the combo of chocolate mashed up with peanut butter. (The eggs are by far superior, though. All hail Easter candy!) The folks at Nabisco put their food-scientist heads together and came up with a delicious treat that will be near impossible to resist: the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreo. Milk’s new best friend, indeed.

2. This month, YouTube turns nine. Awww, it’s almost in double digits. To celebrate this (almost) milestone birthday, YouTube put together a self-congratulatory video wishing itself a happy birthday. It features some familiar  YouTube faces doing karaoke renditions of songs that went viral over the last nine years. Our favorites? The heavily harmonized rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and an appearance by the Mystery Guitar Man.

3.  The Panorama Photo Project leaves disposable cameras in public spaces like bus stations, coffee shops, libraries and gyms, and it instructs anyone who picked one up to take photos for a week and return the camera to a collection spot. This gallery features some of our favorite shots from the project.

4. We know, we know, it’s not cool to love bacon anymore, but c’mon, it’s still delicious! One of the things that makes it such a treat is the scent it gives off the minute you slap a slice onto a hot and ready griddle. Compound Interest teamed up with The American Chemical Society to find out what exactly it is about the smell of bacon that makes our mouths start watering. The above video breaks down the 150 compounds that contribute to the bacon-y aroma, using terms that even non-chemists can grasp.

5. Honestly, there are no words. Just … in the future, Aladdin? Please keep your pants on.

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