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Want a tasty Orlando brewed beer? These are available now!

January 15, 2014

I love beer unabashedly. Luckily, Orlando is home to a few exemplary local breweries. I’ve made it my personal goal to try as much of their beer as possible. Here are some of my favorites that are available right this second.

Chocolate Mint Girl Stout, Orlando Brewing Company
This is the first in a quarterly series from the Orlando Brewing Company called Babes Brew. Basically, all the chicks from the brewery got together to brew a beer together, from concept to kegging. I have to say, the girls did an outstanding job. It’s a stellar stout, pleasantly thick  and chocolate-y with a perfect mint finish. It was almost literally like drinking a Thin Mint.

Shillelagh Smack, Hourglass Brewery
At Hourglass, you will almost always find them brewing something a little off the wall. However, they do fantastic with the standards, too. Shillelagh Smack is a traditional Irish red. It doesn’t try to be playful or clever, just gives you exactly what you are expecting. Reddish in color and full of delicious maltiness, the only thing it may surprise you with is the strength. At 7.0% ABV, it’s at least 1.5% stronger than your typical Irish red.

Salted Melon, Cask and Larder
Oh dear lord, the sours. They are currently my favorite type of beer and the Salted Melon from Cask and Larder is an excellent example, with a twist. The front end of this one has the taste of a sour melon, but the back end is what tickled my tongue the most. It’s salty! It’s like eating a slice of salted melon in reverse.

Your Brew Here, Your House
Orlando’s not only home to some fantastic craft breweries, it’s also home to a host of home brew shops. I’ve dabbled a few times in brewing my own beer and I’ve always been pleasantly surprised with how they taste. The most successful one I made on my own was a Chocolate Stout that I named “Charlie and the Chocolate Stout.” You can’t try it, though. I drank it all.

If you wanna start brewing on your own, this article will point you in the right direction.

If you wanna skip the brewing and just drink beer, check out these Orlando craft beer bars. 

If you wanna eat a little something while drinking your beer, here’s some tips to tell you which pints pair best with which plates.

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  • Tom in Orlando

    I love beer, but I’ve become allergic to wheat. So right now I can only drink Guinness Stout or Bud light, the only ones I know that don’t use wheat in the process. Are there more?

  • OrlandoBrewingFAIL

    I was ignored for over 45 minutes at Orlando Brewery by the ‘volunteer’ girl behind the bar. I will never set foot in that dive again. They can suck it.

  • JZ IPA Lover

    Do you have a Gluten allergy? If so then Redbridge would be a good choice for you.