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Shipyard Brew Pub Winter Park to close

August 14, 2013


Shipyard Brew Pub announced on Facebook tonight that it is closing its Winter Park location.

The Portland, Maine based pub opened in 2011, and in April the company opened its second Florida venture: Sea Dog Brewing Company in Lake Buena Vista.

No reasons were given for the abrupt announcement that Shipyard would close its doors.

After many years of operating the Shipyard Brew Pub in Winter Park, we have made the difficult decision to close the pub. Tomorrow (Thurs, Aug 15) will be our last day of business. Please join us for the Shipyard Pumpkinhead party tomorrow night to celebrate the many good years we’ve all had together in the Winter Park community. Inquiries should be directed to Jim Goodman – — Thank you for all your support over the years!

Scott Joseph says on his blog that parking problems may have driven the decision.

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  • Chick Breast

    May years…didn’t they just open a couple of years ago?

  • 420greg

    If the main product you sell cost you about 35 cents (a bottle of beer), and you sell it for $3.50 (1000% mark-up) and can not stay in business, you are doing it wrong.

  • Foodie

    such good food what a shame

  • blorg

    Yeah, they opened in 2011. I was there for the opening night, I wonder what the reason for closing was.

  • Annetta

    Hate to say it but I believe parking was not the issue. I
    had been going there since their grand opening when it was a bakery, deli,
    store and brew pub. Then the test kitchen disappeared, the deli cases went
    away, the racks with an assortment of Maine dips, Moxie and other products were
    taken out, then the name was changed from Shipyard Emporium to Shipyard Brew
    Pub and still the place stood empty. They never established an identity because
    I don’t think that the management knew what they were supposed to be. Although
    they were close to Rollins College (right around the corner), not opening until
    4pm killed their college business along with charging $4-$5 a beer. I don’t
    think that they ever figured out who they were marketing to. As a mug club
    member from the very beginning my experiences more times than not were of not
    being greeted by a hostess, seating myself either at the bar or an open table
    inside waiting in some cases for up to 15 minutes for a beer, my first beer.
    Management had the bar tender leaving the bar to do other tasks which meant not
    focusing on clients and leaving many with empty beer mugs waiting for the
    bartender to return. Management also would assign a server tables inside and
    outside again leaving the server to focus on too many areas so that customers
    would sit with empty beer mugs, waiting for a check and waiting to order. As a
    mug club member for 2 years, not once was I ever notified that my membership
    was expiring or given some sort of communication to give me incentive to re-up. Over the two plus years that I went there I
    saw all of my friends stop going. Then finally in May after one more bad
    experience I too threw in the Shipyard bar towel and stopped going. I think I
    will always miss what could have been.

  • JimTebow

    I’m not sure how this place ever opened in the first place, they must have had friends in the right places to be able to skirt the city rules on adequate parking and worse, adequate bathrooms. The beer was pricey, the food inconsistent and the commitment to service poor at best; not a recipe for success.