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Sigh: More Orlando restaurant and bar closings

May 5, 2014

It’s time for the sad stuff again, Orlando. Some more Orlando food and drink joints have closed over the past few weeks. Did you lose one of your favorites?

Housed in a building that was formerly a convenience store, the Virgin Olive Market in Winter Park had their final day on Friday, May 2. The following day, they held a closing sale, getting rid of everything, including their plates, furniture and decorations. We frown to see them go, but they went out with a bang, having delicious-sounding specials every day up until the last.

When we reviewed Hangar Bar and Grille last year, we thought that it seemed like the owners put more effort into the decor than the menu. While it’s always unfortunate to see a local business close, we’ll be watching closely to see what takes over this fantastic space.

The Loaded Hog and One Eyed Jacks had bittersweet Cinco de Mayo plans, as May 5 is the last day the two Wall Street bars will be open. They had a full week of parties leading up to the closure, all ’90s themed in an effort to bring their customers back to the time when they first opened. Don’t fret too much, though, a new venue will be taking their place soon enough. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out the details.

In other drink-related closings, the Fifth will be no more. The space is currently closed for remodeling and will open later this year as Vyce. Part of the remodel of the space includes the removal of the kitchen, so you have two choices, you can cry over the loss of a downtown brunch option or you can celebrate the opening of another place to get toasted.

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  • Brian Horan

    Come on the Governor said this state is doing so well . I guess 500,000 low wage jobs can’t sustain an economy . As a business owner I have given up on this state and moving it up north . Good luck to those who are staying

  • Bryan Taylor

    Florida is: The Greatest State In The Union… Anyone want to buy a fantastic summer home in wonderful Orlando?

  • Guest

    Loaded Hog and One Eyed Jacks…good riddance. Hated these eyesores sense they opened.

  • Jeffery

    Loaded Hog and One Eyed Jack’s? Good riddance. Hated these conjoined eyesores since they opened.