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Thank you, Internet: powdered alcohol, wonuts and ‘Portlando’

April 25, 2014

There’s so much going on this weekend that we bet you can’t wait get it started. 5 p.m.’s not too far away, but just in case it seems interminable, here are some links that should speed things along:

1. Move over, cronuts. A cafe in Chicago is serving up a new heavenly breakfast/dessert combo, the wonut. Half waffle, half donut. The possibilities are endless with this confection. Picture this: a really nutty waffle topped with donut glaze and melty chocolate. Throw in a little caramel? Wonut heaven.

2. That cute striped-legged thing up there in the video? That’s a zonkey. Just like the name suggests, it’s a cross breed between a zebra and a donkey. It’s name is  Khumba. The mom, a zebra, visited the father, a donkey, on a near daily basis. The zookeepers should have kept a closer eye on what the animals were doing  at these rendevous, cause eventually the zebra got pregnant. No shotgun wedding necessary, though. Zonkeys are progressive, yo.

3. Everyone can benefit from a good life hack or two, amirite? Here are 39 life hacks and how-tos that will greatly enrich your life.

4. Instant alcohol, just add water! Earlier this week Palcohol, short for powdered alcohol, was approved by the FDA. People across the globe immediately started in with jokes about snorting alcohol. Then, just as fast as it was approved, the FDA said, “Oops, no, we made a mistake. No powdered alcohol for you.” Dehydrated alcohol fans shouldn’t lose hope, though, there’s still a chance it could pass FDA approval. Again.

5. A group of Orlando comedians and filmmakers created this pretty spot-on Orlando version of Portlandia. They call it What Girls Want. We’ll call it Portlando. Whatever we call it, we can all agree that it’s pretty damn funny.

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