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Hey, USA Today! Get off our lawn!

March 14, 2014

You guys, I think USA Today is stalking Orlando. Within the past week, they have put out seven, count ‘em, seven different guides for people living in Orlando. Of course, the ones that interest us the most are the “10 best foodie spots in Orlando,” which includes local favorites Cask & Larder and Hawkers, and their “Orlando weekend trips for hipsters.” According to USA Today, Orlando “hipsters” like to eat, drink beer, watch indie bands and shop at locally owned shops. Seems fairly accurate, no?

In addition to these guides, USA Today has also staked out the best weekend trips for romance, families, first-timers (where they recommend almost exclusively chains for eating, WTF?!), and just general Orlando weekend trips. They’ve even put out a list of Orlando’s best ethnic eats outside of Epcot. Shockingly, they left out a place to get delicious pho, which just proves that they’re not doing their homework, because everyone knows Orlandoans can truly get behind a bowl of pho.  Looks like USA Today still has some more Orlando stalking to do, huh?

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