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I was grossed out by Google Glass until I saw this video

March 24, 2014

choi-video-stillI finally get it. In the same way that tech nerds are so annoyingly evangelical about how Google Glass will CHANGE EVERYTHING, after watching Google’s video of Roy Choi (“culture clasher, food philosopher, straight motherf*cking g, and Glass Explorer”), I now see the exciting possibilities Google Glass brings to food-related activities. Imagine a series of famous chef’s-eye views! Or how much more useful cooking tutorials could be. Or even a restaurant review with a video feed  (har) from the table. Not to mention how much easier it would be to access online recipes while cooking if you were wearing Glass — no more getting grease and onion juice all over your phone, plus the lenses offer eye protection. Yeah, yeah, #latepass.



Bonus points to Roy for pureeing that leprechaun with such ease, and note to everyone else: Don’t do crime while wearing Glass. And PS: If you’ve never heard of Roy Choi before, you should take a look at his cookbook/memoir from last year, L.A. Son – it’s a burner.



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