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GMO OMG screening and panel discussion

April 24, 2014


April 25 at 6 p.m., the world-saving, community rallying geniuses from IDEAS For Us are hosting a screening of GMO OMG at East End Market. The film looks at the feels-inducing topic of genetically modified organisms. The film looks at the journey of Mr. Jeremy Seifert who is trying to discover the effects that GMOs can have on our kids, our planet and our bods.

IDEAS For Us walk the walk too y’all, they’re the ones that started the local Fleet Farming movement with East End Market.

Check out this trailer –

According to the event organizers the film will be followed by a panel discussion featuring esteemed names like:

University of Florida Geneticist
Dr. Kevin Folta is an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida. He has authored over seventy peer-reviewed research articles and two books on fruit breeding and genomics. Kevin has been a proponent of the safe and effective use of biotechnology and regularly speaks with farmers, scientists and public audiences about the strengths and limitations of the technology.

Environmental Attorney at Law 
Josephine Balzac, Esq., LL.M. is a licensed attorney and accomplished author, who has published work on legal issues and regulatory framework specific to human and animal food and feed ingredients. In 2012, Ms. Balzac was recognized as the Student Travel Award winner for the Food and Drug Laws Division at the Institute of Food Technologists. She studied international environmental law at The GWU Law School and works locally with the Parramore Environmental Justice Project and Central Florida Sierra Club Chapter. She is currently the Chief Environmental Officer for the EarthWeb Foundation, Inc.

March Against Monsanto Orlando Activist
Justin Harvey is the Orlando organizer for the international campaign, March Against Monsanto. After researching the topic of GMOs and Monsanto, he became very concerned about the safety of our food, and the future we are leaving to the next generation. “I want to inform the public about the dangers GMOs pose to our health and expose Monsanto’s corrupt business practices. We have a right to know what we are eating.”

Dr. Samadhi Artemisa, Ph.D., A.P. is an Acupuncture Physician, Nutritionist and Iridologist. Through her holistic healthcare services at InJoy Healthcare in Orlando, her writing and teaching she inspires thousands of people to take charge of their health with good lifestyle habits and proper nutrition.

Organic Sanctuary Seed Specialist
Jonathan Winfrey is the organic seed-saving specialist at the Organic Sanctuary permaculture seed farm. Jonathan is a licensed Florida seed dealer & plant-nursery operator who enjoys growing selected seed lines through ongoing generations.”

Tickets are $20 and all proceeds will go towards IDEAS For Us programming.

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  • First Officer

    20$ ?? are you kidding? This is Florida. What’s the matinee price?