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Food truck review: Sit ‘n Stay Pet Cafe

June 20, 2012

Truck: Sit ‘n’ Stay Pet Cafe, generally found at dog-friendly events and food truck hotspots all around Orlando. Visit their website to find out where they’ll be next.


Tucker the dog

Reviewer: Tucker Sullivan, 6 years old, born in Baltimore, moved to Orlando in 2010. Underbite, funny eyes. This is his first experience eating from a food truck for dogs. He does have lots of experience eating food dropped on the ground by food-truck patrons, though.

  • Jeannemily

    aww.  good boy.

  • Dan Thompson

    Not too thrilled with the MB ice cream apparently.
    Great spot.
    Good boy Tucker.

  • Hollie Ann Mahadeo

    Awww, I hope there are more canine reviews on the horizon. Maybe Doc or Button can do the next one! I should submit one with Wesley, that dog has impeccable taste :)