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Will’s Pub/Lil Indies combats intensified towing in Mills area

November 18, 2013

towing fight2a

It’s said that meter maids eat their young. The only people about which more is said are tow truck operators, and most of it ends with “motherfucker.”

Well, there’s been a rash of towing activity in the Mills Avenue area. Hopefully you do not already know this firsthand.

To combat what sources tell us are some intense and possibly crazy towing efforts, Will Walker (Will’s Pub/Lil Indies) has now officially rented the empty next-door lot to the north of the pub (formerly a car dealership) for his patrons to park at night free and without hassle after 6:00 p.m. So park easy, effective immediately.

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  • Phil Santos

    Any word on where the towing happens? Is it illegal to park in front of the houses on the that side-street between Lou’s and Will’s?

  • Ashley at Orlando Weekly

    Phil, it’s not the neighborhoods so much as the old laundromat parking lot attached to Will’s and some issues with other lot parking around Mills. It’s hard to be sure which lots are the most troublesome other than the obvious one, but if you park behind Track Shack after 6 p.m. or J. Bauman after 9 p.m., you should be good.

    Also, general note: if you do park in the neighborhoods, folks, don’t throw trash in people’s yards. It’s freakin’ rude and those people put up with enough.

  • steve tuck

    Across the street beside Baumans and the lot north of Wills. Look for signs at the old laundry , the boot cam
    p and the dentist office across the street. Don’t park there at all even if its just for a minute. Even if the truck isn’t there he will boot your vehicle and you pay. I GOT YOU TOWING is a neighborhood vulture. Also I would avoid doing business with anyone employing this vulture to tow vehicles from their lots when they are closed and the parking is empty.