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Full Moon Saloon is re-imagined as new Orlando music venue Woodstock

May 9, 2014

Formerly a much-loved gay bar and concert venue, Full Moon Saloon (550 N. Orange Blossom Trail) has stood empty and sad-sagging since they closed their doors on June 30, 2007 (leaving many a local bear feeling homeless). Now, it seems a new pair of owners are planning to give the place a facelift to transform it into Woodstock. Kevin Naylor and Darryl Sheppard told Watermark that they wanted to preserve the historic building (which is on Orange Blossom Trail, near Parliament House), so they’ll be doing necessary restorations but keeping the familiar frame. They’re also keeping it a gay bar (straight folks welcome, duh) and plan to book local and touring bands in the space. And there will be snacks (!!), as they also say they’ll be serving food with the adorably sweet statement, “Food music friends, that’s really the recipe to life.”

They originally hoped for Woodstock to be open in time for Gay Days (June 2-8), but they told Watermark that at this stage, they can only hope for a soft opening by that time.

If you’re curious what happened to Full Moon, read about the drama here.

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  • JBT

    Oh, so many soft opening jokes …

  • Mr. Ramrod

    Isn’t it funny that the Watermark who is supposed to be in the know about what is going on in the GLBT community didn’t know that Don Granatstein of the P house blocked off the parking for the Full Moon and bought off all the Full Moon Saloons parking leased property with monies from the Never Finished time share project affectionatly known as the Gardens and was charged with fraud by the Bank that loaned them the money to build the Gardens for doing so. The P House is currently in court to have a receiver put in place to run the place again as they want Don Granatstien out. Check the Orange County court records and get the story right this time. If Granatstein had wanted to buy the Full Moon it was for sale for 7 years, he just didn’t have the money and really only wanted the place closed so he wouldn’t have any competition and could raise his drink prices as the Full Moon was known for the lowest drink prices in town. Lots of people who know nothing talking about everything – Welcome to Orlando.

  • Dave

    Isn’t that what Jim Baker got convicted of with his time shares? He went to prison.

  • BOCF

    i guess the amount of comments on here shows no one really cares about this story. I think since the Parliament House is in foreclosure / bankruptcy it doesn’t matter. The whole area is so depressed and crime ridden, I don’t know anyone that values their life the would go down there at night.