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Donut King now open in Winter Park

July 1, 2014
Image courtesy of Droolius

Image courtesy of Droolius

Well, we’ve got bad news and we’ve got good news. Bad news first: You’re gonna be gaining some weight. The good news? The weight will all be related to the perfect, delicious, pillowy donuts of Donut King, because they just opened a Winter Park location! A longtime road-trip favorite, the original Minneola location is the local king of donuts, and not just because that’s what they named themselves. The donuts are always super-fresh and the options are seemingly endless, ranging from the standard filled donut covered in sprinkles to next-level donuts covered in candy … including Nerds.

Now you won’t have to make an excuse to drive to Clermont (like we did) to “since we’re in the neighborhood” stop by and get a dozen donuts to take home. Instead,  you can take an extended drive home and swing by the legendary donut shop, and just pick up one or two donuts to tide you over until dinner. Every. Single. Day. Seriously, though, their maple bacon donut is almost like dinner on its own. Then you can finish things off with a legendary red velvet donut. And a gym membership.

The new shop, located at 3716 Howell Branch Road, will be open daily from 5 a.m.-8 p.m. No word if they plan to go 24 hours in the future (like their original Minneola drive-through). The variety will be similar to that at the Minneola location and just as fresh, since the donuts will be baked in-house. And, if you’re fans of the King for more than just donuts, we’re happy to report that the Winter Park location will be serving the famous Castle Burger as well.

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  • SomaCowJ

    I will take a baker’s million of those, please.

  • 51m0n

    Congrats on your Diabeetus.

  • Klee

    Why do people say this? Acting like eating donuts is automatically going to give you diabetes. Do you see a car and write, congrats on decapitation? Or see a picture of the sun and say, what’s up skin cancer?

  • 51m0n

    You sound fat.

  • Eli Saulibio


  • Facing Gravity

    You must be kidding if you think they are anything but bad for you.We start with a great possessor of food in our body. Slowly it clogs from eating stuff like this. Of course the drug companies love us for it. By the end we all look like we are about to pop and our organs clog and we die…..Have a coke with that. And more sprinkles!!!!!!!!

  • EconProf

    Best donuts in Florida. Thanks for your new Winter Park location! Non-southerners hate franchises like Dunkin Donuts which have no flavor. But southerners, who fry everything else, refuse to make donuts. You know you are in Donut King when you ask for red velvet or white cream filled and they say, “Which kind?”

  • pattyada

    Excellent donuts!! We just tried them for the first time on Howell. Branch… Perfection!! fresh! Nice people, great selection! My favorite was bacon with maple icing.. My husband ‘s favorite was the chocolate fritter with pecans, and my son enjoyed the Boston cream. Reasonably priced and yes.. plan a long walk to work off these delicious calories.. Well worth it!