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DeLand woman puts $84 worth of lobster in pants to fund Chinese food, narcotics

June 16, 2014
Nichole Reed, frozen lobster tail bandit. Photo via Volusia Co. Sheriff's Office.

Reed, the lobster tail bandit. Photo via Volusia Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Call it the great lobster tail swindle: last Wednesday 30 year-old Nichole Reed was caught on camera stuffing seven frozen lobster tails (retail price: $83.99) down the front of her pants at the South Woodland Boulevard Publix in DeLand before hastily exiting the store. A loss prevention officer also spotted Reed’s chilly act, and it wasn’t long before the bandit was apprehended nearby, lobster still firmly wedged in her drawers.

When queried about her motivations, Reed said she planned to use the hot lobster as barter with a friend for “Chinese food or Dilaudid” (on the list of opiates we all know Chinese food is number one in terms of danger and seduction). Reed was taken to the Volusia County Jail, this being her seventh arrest. It is unknown how many of those charges involved frozen crustaceans.

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