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It’s too darn hot: Five sweet treats to help you beat the heat

August 22, 2014

It’s supposed to hit over 100 degrees this weekend. You’ve got some options on how to stay cool: You could hunker down in a darkened room, obsessively streaming Netflix with the A/C turned way, way down, but you’ll probably keel over when you get your electric bill next month. Or you could spend all day lounging in the water, but, really, the water temps aren’t all that refreshing when it’s this damn hot out.

Your third solution? Wrap your lips around one of these cool treats:

1. Italian Ice

Jeremiah’s is a year-round Orlando staple, but it’s particularly refreshing when the temps reach above 90. If you do it right, you can hit all the sweet spots in one cup: slushy, fruity and creamy. There are locations all over the city and you’ll be sure to find at least one flavor that tickles your tastebuds.

2. Gourmet Popsicles

The Pop Parlour’s sophisticated popsicle flavors made it a shoo-in for one of the 20 reasons we love Thornton Park. Our favorites are the icy treats laced with beer from Florida breweries. Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai with Thai basil and peach? Yes, please. Bonus: check in on Facebook and get two pops for $5 as part of our 100 days of summer promotion.

Photo by Rob Bartlett

Photo by Rob Bartlett

3. Traditional Ice Cream

We’ve got some stellar, non-chain traditional ice cream shops in Orlando, including Twisted Bliss, Lulu’s Ice Cream Shop and The Soda Fountain. Eat it on a cone or in a bowl, top it with your favorite sauce and don’t forget the mountains of whipped cream.

4. Frozen Yogurt

We’ll just get this out of the way: look over the list of businesses participating in #100DaysOrlando. Four of ‘em are Orlando FroYo spots, making this an easy choice for a dessert that’ll cool you down. Pile up the creamy stuff with your favorite toppings and enjoy the chill.

5. Asian-style Shaved Snow

We waxed (while drooling) poetic about this concoction earlier this summer: “It’s not an Italian ice, it’s not a Hawaiian shaved ice and it’s definitely not a sno-cone. Shaved snow is made from giant blocks of flavored frozen milky ice, heaved onto a rotating spit and shaved into gossamer-thin layers. The end product looks almost like frozen cotton candy; the soft ribbons are both creamy and icy, with a lightness that is ideal in steamy weather.”

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