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Uncle Lou’s launches a weekly karaoke night

July 10, 2014

lou's karaokeLooks like Uncle Lou is giving Big Daddy some competish after a one-off karaoke night held Monday, July 7 at Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall inspired an enthusiastic declaration that every Monday from that point on, any punk with a song in his heart can find an open mic at the Mills 50 dive. It’d be fun to see a new karaoke night get the traction Sandwich Bar’s Kill the Keg karaoke gets, but attendance on the Uncle Lou’s event page is looking kinda … lacking. (RSVP)

I’m not sure what the vibe was that first night this week – if it was traditional karaoke fare (your Journeys, your Britney Spears, your Sir Mix-A-Lots) or if it had more edge than the typical sing-song nights – but if the reason nobody is RSVPing is because they can’t think of a song to sign up for, here is a baker’s dozen of catchy punk sing-alongs that would likely be well-received at Lou’s.

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  • Jon Busdeker

    I think your list should be a baker’s dozen, because any punk rock karaoke list worth its weight in spikes should include “Bro Hymn” from Pennywise.

  • Ashley at Orlando Weekly

    That song got murdered for me by high school talent shows, so, sorry for showing my scars by omitting from my playlist.