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Space Fest: fundraiser involves crafty workshops, puppet shows and 8 awesome bands

June 27, 2014

space festThey’re calling it “the most awkward conversation, ever,” and what better way for a humble DIY effort like the Space to publicly admit they need help ($$) on a flier for the upcoming Space-Fest. The idea is for those who have been positively impacted by the addition of this grassroots venue on the Orlando arts scene to come out for an eclectic night – zine-binding workshops with Is It Over Yet?, installation workshop with Shine Shed, community garage sale, tarot readings by Literocalypse’s Catherine Bota, puppet shows by Ibex Puppetry’s Hannah Miller – for a donation-based evening of learning, seeing, doing and, of course, hearing. The night’s soundtrack will be provided by a range of area bands, including Zap Dragon and the Attack, the Plush Monters, Case Work, Bellows, Michael Parallax, Ark, Adi Raja and Vsn Qst. (RSVP)

Event info: 6 p.m.-4 a.m. Saturday, July 12 at the Space

The party goes all night, past normal bar hours (4 a.m.), so even if you have other plans, you can still show support at the end of your night. While the Space is still quite young, it’s quickly become a vital part of the Orlando creative community, embracing whimsical ideas – naked yoga classes, literary readings, artsy events like the Caress of Progress (our arts critic called this show “intoxicatingly original”) and I Believe in You (“an interwoven group of experimentalists, knitted together by friendship and mutual admiration”) – and has made itself available to local musicians across multiple scenes, metal, punk, pop, dance, everybody is welcome.

BOO Music & Nightlife The Space Photo by Ashley Belanger

The stairs leading up to the Space.

What’s more, the folks who operate the Space have even bigger dreams than what the original venue can contain, meaning if they can get enough momentum, we could be seeing more venues like this cropping up in other neighborhoods or further diversifying Mills 50. It’s very exciting, and the thought that the fledgling efforts at the Space could be thwarted due to funding is cause for many local creatives to be concerned. For more info or to find out other ways you might be able to help keep the Space occupied by adventurous, active minds, email

If you have a testimonial as to why you think the Space is valuable to the Orlando community, I want to hear from you. Email or comment below.

Check out these galleries for a peek inside just a few of the events hosted at the Space:

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  • Amanda Vocks

    The Space

    November 7th, 2013

    Why are these two things important?

    This is the day Literocalypse started at the Space. This is
    the day that I read my personal, soul exposing, honesty-dripping, confessional
    style writing to a room full of strangers at the first ever Literocalypse event
    at the Space. This is the day I acknowledged my mother’s death via a poetry I
    wrote about her and it happened to be the day after the thirteenth year
    anniversary of my mother’s death. This is day I shined a light on my battle
    with OCD and anxiety. This is the day that I started my journey of growth and
    self discovery and it all started at the Space.

    The Space

    April 19th, 2014

    Why are these two things important?

    This is the day that I held my very own first ever event at
    the Space. Welcome to Anxiety: Population 20 million was another turning point
    for me. An entire night devoted to talking about, sharing stories of, and
    understanding the effects of anxiety. It was a therapy session in front of a
    room full of near strangers, complete strangers, and non-strangers. Welcome to
    Anxiety was the start of what I hope to be an ongoing series about anxiety and
    mental illness as a whole. There’s a stigma attached to mental illness and that
    needs to be broken. That’s my goal.

    The Space is the place for self discovery, community
    building, friendship bonding, awkward dancing, fantastic dancing, talking to
    strangers, meeting kindred spirits, interacting with complete opposites and
    loving every second of it. My introduction to the Space coincided with my
    personal awakening. It was the night I read my writing for the first time, the
    night I acknowledged my mother’s death, the night I exposed my mental illness,
    and the night I stopped being embarrassed by labels others placed on me. The
    Space is the place where I realized I am awesome, I have things to say that
    people need to hear, I can make a community out of strangers who share a common
    interest, and it is more than okay to sway awkwardly in an attempt to let loose
    and dance because this is life and the Space welcomes everyone.