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Renningers musicians’ swap meet happens on the second Sunday every month

February 6, 2014

I can only speak for my own experiences, but going out to Renningers is always deeply rewarding for me, and it only becomes more so during their special events. On its own, Renningers is a sprawling antiques and oddities dreamland, but on certain days, they either ramp up their permanent offerings by inviting in more antiques vendors (like, 800 more) OR they invite niche collectors to take over the lawn, hocking hard-to-find, specific vintage wares. If you missed the Renningers Extravaganza in January (see photos from that event here!) AND you’re a musician, you need to make time this weekend to attend Guitars and Cars.

The Lake County Musicians’ Swap Meet (plus cool old cars, c’mon) features a Jam Stage (from noon-3 p.m.), where you frequently hear blues, rock and classic country covers (love me some Little Jimmy Dickens, if you take requests) and anyone is allowed to perform, using the provided mics, guitar amp and PA. Plus, there’s a field of vendors selling, trading and buying instruments, music equipment, records and anything else a musician could or should want. They also have a musicians service center where you can bring your broke stuff and see if they can fix it. (According to their site, they have a luthier, a tube amp repairman, a solid-state amp repairman and a speaker repairman on site at each meet.)

It’s seriously exciting.

And it’s THIS SUNDAY. (And, um, the second Sunday of every month. Info about future swap dates here.)

I don’t mean to hype it, either. I love picking through piles and finding new treasures, but I especially love being around people actively engaging in conversations about music. So, from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 9, head out to Renningers, 20651 US-441, Mt. Dora, and enjoy some musical communing.

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