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PSA: Sun Araw is playing a free show in April

January 31, 2014

Sun Araw’s work is continually noted as ground-breaking, and so I felt it my civic duty to inform Orlando’s music appreciators that he’ll be performing two shows this April, including a full-band set at Will’s Pub 9 p.m. Friday, April 4, with frequent collaborator D/P/I for $8-$10, and a FREE show at Timucua 7:30 p.m. Sunday, April 6, which features a Sun Araw solo set and UCF Collide Ensemble playing the music of Toru Takemitsu – a composer whom Sun Araw (guitarist Cameron Stallones) cites as an influence.

Sun Araw’s music is experimental and some might even say random, at times, featuring loops of samples, psychedelic roots, funk and reggae beats, really it’s easiest if you just listen, for the uninitiated, because describing his music fully would be asking you to read way too much on a Friday.

This show, as some might have guessed, is brought to you by the Civic Minded 5, whose full concert schedule you can find here.

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