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Plastic over platinum: Use a 3-D printer to cut your next album?

August 7, 2013

Last year, I discovered FamiLab through a story I was doing on the first-ever Orlando Mini Maker Faire and of the many things that enthralled me in their secret science laboratory in an unmarked warehouse, the 3-D printers were undeniably memorable. At the time, they were making cat toys, and that was enough to make me marvel in amusement.

Now, apparently, a like-mindedly cavalier inventor in May of this year has used the same technology to embed MP3s onto a plastic-printed record, with grooves like you’re used to, and which actually plays on a regular record player. While the sound quality pretty much defiles any rational record enthusiast’s reasoning for preferring vinyl to CDs or digital downloads (the best they can say is that the music is recognizable), it is a significant enough endeavor for novelty sake but also has potential to impact the bedroom composer’s future, especially if a more experienced innovator takes what researcher/inventor Amanda Ghassaei has come up with and can build upon it.

Or, if any FamiLab-bers are looking for a new project to debut at this year’s Mini Maker Faire on Oct. 5, can I suggest a collaboration with a local Orlando artist whose music might be fun to experiment with in advancing this technology right here in Central Florida? Here are a bunch of local bands whose recently released albums you might want to help go plastic:

Sesame Streetcar Named Desire – Milk Carton Superstars (psych rock)

Smart Phone Dumb Talk EP - SeanDammit (electronic/hip-hop)

Black Magic EP – Bois (vulnerable pop [favorite self-prescribed genre name I've seen in a while])

The Burden EP – Junior Bruce (stoner metal)

[As always, comment if I'm missing out on local releases you love?]

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  • FamiLAB

    Thanks for the mention Ashley!

    We’ll definitely look into contacting these artists about 3D printing.

    Do you have a Twitter handle so that we can follow you?