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This Little Underground: Blackbird Blackbird & Beat Culture @ BB

June 26, 2014



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Blackbird Blackbird at Backbooth (photo by James Dechert)

Blackbird Blackbird at Backbooth (photo by James Dechert)

The calling card of San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird (June 24, Backbooth) is a song-smart approach to electronic music that takes pop songs and refracts them through the distilled, treated lenses of electronic genres ranging from chillwave to microhouse.

Onstage, he performs with actual instruments, including that institutional seal of live legitimacy: the guitar. For a one-man electronic act, that’s starting off way in the black. Oh shit, motherfucker sings too? That’s right. So take that, rockists. In so doing, he validates his live card with an organic take on a synthetic form, elevating a generally chill audience into a dance party and actually flashing some live visual appeal.

Blackbird Blackbird at Backbooth (photo by James Dechert)

Blackbird Blackbird at Backbooth (photo by James Dechert)

Although not quite as much to look at, the music of direct opener and world citizen Beat Culture was the most commanding. This vehicle for producer Sunik Kim delivered on its name by strapping his tasteful synth walls with rumbling stabs of bass that kick so hard that they’re as likely to make you move as they are to loosen your teeth. But beyond that immediate thunder, the notably well-crafted music on top is remarkable in itself. After beginning with liquid, melodic breaks that would’ve owned the mid-‘90s, he slinked into some modern, time-suspended sounds that are in direct lineage with Purity Ring, until finally riding out on a rising, My Bloody Valentine-esque outro of beautiful static. He sings too but the vocals were way low in the mix, or maybe the music’s heavenly notes and textures are the only things that could penetrate that serious low-end force field. And though he packs less visual spectable than Blackbird Blackbird, his live technique is much more active and butterfly-fingered than most electronic artists. But that boom? Oh yeah.

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