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Jenny Lewis premieres glitter-sprinkled new track on NPR

June 3, 2014

Former Rilo Kiley vocalist and pop princess of our hearts, Jenny Lewis, has released a new single that will be featured on her upcoming album, The Voyager, out July 29. Produced by Beck, “Just One of the Guys” boasts vintage country melodies with the typical Jenny Lewis dash of glitter sprinkled throughout. (Hear it now on NPR’s “All Songs Considered”) However, the song’s fresh dewdrop sound and Jenny’s girlish tone don’t make the ballad any less powerful. Quite the contrary – it seems that for her newest endeavor she’s left the classic Rilo Kiley-delicate-bedroom simplicity behind for a fearless, self-assured approach.

The lyrics, paired with this dynamic feminine energy, create something refreshingly bold as Jenny sarcastically sings, “I’m not gonna break for you/I’m not gonna pray for you/I’m not gonna care for you/that’s not what ladies do.” If “Just One of the Guys” is any indicator of her newest creation as a whole, we can be sure to look forward to a charming-though-empowering piece from the indie pop sweetheart.

Experience her magic for yourself at Bob Carr July 11, and we think you’ll find that our Jenny Lewis heroine worship is entirely justified.

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