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Goodosphere mashup: Haim’s “The Wire” x intro credits of “The Wire”

January 22, 2014
The Wire

This picture also misrepresents the sadness and terror visited upon these boys, but, y’know, whatever!

In which Goodosphere, with the help of Haim, makes The Wire into some DeGrassi High bullshit. Lo, this mashup of Haim’s pleasant song “The Wire” with the Season 4 opening credits of HBO’s gritty Baltimore drama (and pretty much the best show ever made), The Wire:


I mean, it’s kinda brilliant (good work, Goodosphere), but only if if you didn’t cry real tears at the end of that season. Randy, Dukie, I am so sorry. Namond, you can eat a bag of dicks. </feelings>

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  • Megawatt45

    Very well said lady! Thanks for this JBY.