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Five unconventional romantic gestures based on songs

February 13, 2014

It doesn’t matter how much you love someone, how well you know someone, or how long both of these things have been happening between you, occasionally, just the act of brainstorming a gift is so debilitating that all the sweet stuff flies from your mind. I am of the (most likely annoying) school of thought that gifts should be serendipitous. You see something, it reminds you of someone and you are compelled to put the two together.

But if we really must address the requisite sentimentality of Valentine’s Day, I put my head to some unconventional gifts you could give in combination with some love songs that really resonate with me. Hopefully this helps a little or sparks something when you consider some of your favorite love songs.

1. Maple leaves
Florida maples are shedding their leaves now, so scoop some up today, press them in a book overnight and leave them on the counter in the morning next to an iPod/CD player/laptop that has this song queued up:

2. Green apples
O.C. Smith hit it big with this song, and a million people covered it after him. There’s something that is happily resigned about the way Roger Miller delivers it, for me, though. Get a little wicker basket from a thrift shop and fill it with green apples, then play this song:

3. Take a barn tour in the morning
Bill Callahan’s song is talking specifically about going to the race track to win money to pay for their future together, but if you’re not as into gambling, you could visit DreamCatcher Horse Ranch Rescue Center in Clermont and contemplate this song on the way out there:

4. Little spoon
If you visit Orange Tree Antiques Mall in Winter Park, right when you walk in, there is a display case full of tiny souvenir spoons that bring to mind this classic:

5. Sweepstakes prize
A riff on the childlike concept of giving “coupons” to your loved one (for I don’t dare suggest what), make your own sweepstakes prize certificate to evoke the sweet sentiment of this Mirah song:

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