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Dead Milkmen ARE coming to Orlando for the first time since 1993

February 4, 2014

Make two fists and then use your knuckles all you like to rub your eyes, but you read it right. Those hardcore jokesters the Dead Milkmen have been contracted to play a show in Orlando on April 12, AND even crazier news for our punk-loving community, they’re booked at a new club, Fabbio’s Live. The Dead Milkmen haven’t been to town since 1993 when they played the Station in Fern Park (which, incidentally, you may want to like this Facebook page for the former rock club’s reunion event in 2014), so this show comes way out of left field in a super-gratifying way for longtime fans and signals the birth of a notably curated venue you’ll want to keep track of.

I had a hunch the rumors would be right about this show, which is sure to be one of this year’s craziest. Tickets are not yet available, and I can’t share the venue info just yet, but the show promoter did tell me the tickets would be $20, and there’d be at least 500 of them available. Keep coming back to Orlando Music News, cuz I’ll announce the ticket on-sale date the second I get it. But if you’re wondering what the difference is between the Dead Milkmen now and the band in 1993, here’s a video from 2013:

And here they were in 1993 at a show in Philly:

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  • Patrick De’Hedon

    Where is fabbio’s live?

  • Ashley at Orlando Weekly

    I don’t have an address for the club yet, but when I do, I will update the blog. I’ll try and remember to come back here and let you know. You could also keep an eye on Dead Milkmen’s site for the ticket sale announcement when it happens. Sorry I can’t be more helpful now!

  • Patrick De’Hedon

    I’ll keep an eye out. Strange not to even find a “coming soon” if thats the case.

  • MPHdisq

    I was at the show in your first YouTube embed above, at the (now closed) The Note in suburban Philly. I will be the first to tell you… they’re BETTER now than any time in their career. And the new material stands next to the old so well, but with better music and musicianship. GO. And follow @RodneyAnon on Twitter. He’s too funny, and the unofficially-elected mayor of Philly. Did I say GO? GO.

  • Ashley at Orlando Weekly