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Central Florida Punk & Hardcore Festival offers stacked lineup of more than 20 bands

August 24, 2012

Fire in the Cave - photo by Garrett Elkins Photography

 Saturday, Aug. 25 – Central Florida Punk & Hardcore Festival
10 a.m.-midnight
Orlando Elks Lodge
12 N. Primrose Drive

What we love about music: It’s a productive outlet for angst, it gives us a sense of simpatico with people that we’d never get from just hanging out in the bar listening to a satellite radio feed. What we don’t love about music these days: A lot of it is emo-tinged anthem rock and dance music that celebrates … what, exactly? Yeah, everyone’s into their own thing, but we’ll take a small venue full of strangers who’d rather celebrate the fury and anxiety of youth (or, in some cases, aging) than scream YOLO in an arena full of strangers. Give us the Central Florida Punk and Hardcore Festival, at which bands from Tampa (Feral Babies), Gainesville (People Are Parrots), Fort Myers (After the Fact) and a bunch of homegrown Orlando acts (Ten-Fifty, Legions, Montana, 13 Pints, and a bunch more) will gather to remind those who love the scene that it’s not dead – in fact, it’s always changing and evolving. You also don’t need a lot of money to get in – $15 day of the show gets you 23 damn bands, all day and well into the night, with no Ticketmaster fees to rape you just for being a fan. – Erin Sullivan

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  • butwhyshouldIcare

    The other cool thing about punk: people don’t trivialize rape by comparing it to $2 entrance fees!