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UPDATED: Trader Joe’s coming to Florida! (soon!)

September 9, 2011

Trader Joe'sAt last, at last, lord almighty, cheap rosemary-dusted Marcona almonds (and frozen wild salmon steaks, and Czech beer, and organic dog food, and and and) AT LAST. I’ve posted about it my love for Trader Joe’s a million times (here and here and here), and they’re FINALLY opening a Florida location.

In Naples.

Even after Fortune magazine published a story explaining WHY Trader Joe’s would not be opening stores here; even after my many emails to TJ’s deliciously named spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki went unanswered, there it is: “‘It’s absolutely true,’ said Alison Mochizuki, a spokeswoman for the trendy grocery store chain.” (All is forgiven, Mochizuki, but a gift basket would be nice.)

I’ll be making the 196-mile drive (and blogging about it). Will you?

UPDATE, Jan. 10: The Naples Daily News reports that the store will open Feb. 10. COUNTDOWN BEGINS!

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  • Dave Plotkin

    I call shotgun, and I’ll split the gas with you.

  • Dr. Philipson


  • mmlinke1

    Let’s start a MeetUp for monthly road trips to Trader Joe’s from Orlando!!!

  • southofthesouth

    I can’t wait to have the opportunity to fanatically buy things!!!!11

  • tammy

    Road trip, for sure! 

  • Lsteward68

    I just requested them to go to Orlando I live in Cocoa and my kids now have to eat Gluten Free you know how hard it is to find GF Flour and other products for them to eat here.

  • Nomail

    Naples today! How far behind can the rest of Florida be? There are things available at Trader Joe’s you just can’t find anywhere else. Naples is a shorter drive than Atlanta. They can put in a store next-door to me if they want.

  • Mom-Oh!

    I’m willing to drive for now!!!

  • helen

    No, but I’ll give you guys some dough to pick some crap up for me. Also, you know who lives in Naples?  Pink Slip Rick, that’s who. 

  • Stjames40

    Glad they got one in Naples.  The Two-Buck Chuck is cheaper in California, though.  It is 18 years too late for me, even though it is just built down the street from Naples Park.

  • Caroline

    Those rich folks in Naples would never appreciate TJ’s as much
    as Central Floridians.

  • Lilmelody

    On the Trader joe’s website is says Sarasota is coming soon. 

  • anonymous

    No- who would drive so far to a grocery store… not me! ive heard good things about TJ but have never been. FYI they may be coming to Gainesville quite soon.. already citing out spots with realators and such… i have inside connects_ however my predictions say they will be gone in a year or two.. Publix beats them out 100%… Trader Joes only has specialty products where Publix has everything… The 2 buck chuck is quite a good deal though!!!

  • traderjoeslover

    Trader joes in ORLANDO! thats the BUSIEST AREA!!! you’ll get tons of business!

  • Belinda Bell

    Naples? Why in that dinky town? Well now they have one in Sarasota and one in Gainsville? But why not Orlando? Trader Joe’s thinks that Orlando is too transient ( which is NOT true) there are a lot of millionaires in Orlando. They are deluded.

  • james w west jr

    Jacksonville Beach is being considered as possible TJ location. Ya!!

  • Rita in Port Orange, Florida

    I’m still traveling with my cooler and ice to Gainesville from Port Orange (Daytona Beach) to get my Trader Joe’s staples. Please, please help me save some gas and time, Trader Joe’s. I would even open one up here myself if it was possible. What is the criteria they are looking for? Maybe I could help them.