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ATTN: Local musicians! Record your next album at the … library?

January 9, 2014

Hold the phone (or the Google or whatever the updated version of this phrase might be). The Downtown Public Library will unveil a new technology center at a public opening at noon on Saturday, Feb. 8, which includes (among a variety of equally appealing high-end tech) an audio recording and mixing studio free for public use. The technology center has been dubbed Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation and Creativity, and its purpose is to inspire more imaginative output in Orlando, which means its purpose is to be really fucking cool. Located on the second floor of the downtown library, the 26,000-square-foot space will also offer video and photography studios, in addition to a large interactive media wall, flight simulators and 3D printers.

Could this be the best thing for local musicians since Rabbitfoot Records started pressing vinyl cheaply last year? I kinda think so, but I’ll have to wait along with everybody else to get a glimpse at the fancy new level the downtown library is stepping up to provide. If you’re super-eager to see for yourself, everybody is invited to the sneak preview gala, which will be Friday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m., with the bonus of live jazz, snacks and drinks. Tickets to the gala are $100, and you can get ‘em here.

We’re pretty lucky for this impressive influx of resources, I’d say, and especially for those who want to record music but have found the cost of doing so preventive, this opens it up to pretty much anybody, including amateurs who might wanna Zack Attack this opportunity.

The library also has plans to expand its already-awesome offering of thousands of classes. You can find more info about the technology center here.

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