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10 gifts for the Disney Parks-obsessed

December 20, 2013

There are certain Disney Parks items I always see average tourists wearing and toting alongside their fanny packs, Crocs and brightly colored shirts that say “JONES FAMILY REUINION 2013” in Disney font. Among these are Mickey Mouse baseball caps, traditional sets of Mickey ears and overpriced water bottles. They are usually accompanied by their owner attempting to maneuver a quadruple-seater stroller among unruly crowds of similar tourists. The stroller wars are my favorite.

And by favorite, I mean worst nightmare and one of the 239,847,382 reasons I don’t venture onto Disney property between June 1 and Aug. 31 unless I’ve had a shot or three.

Anyway, this run-of-the-mill merch won’t do for a Walt Disney World aficionado; he or she needs something more substantial, like this:

Disney castle
A crystal Cinderella Castle. It’s only $37,500. Chump change.

For those of us with shallower pockets, though, WDW has some cheaper options as well.

1. For the New Disney Parks Enthusiast: Pin Lanyard Starter Set

Disney lanyard
Pin Lanyard Starter Set

I got sucked into introduced to the world of pin trading a few years ago, and it’s such a fun hobby. At Epcot’s pin-trading stand near Spaceship Earth, they even have tables set up where people bring their huge collections of pins to trade. This is a perfect gift for someone just getting into Disney Parks culture.

WHERE I FOUND IT: These sets are literally everywhere, but my favorite places to find them are the stand I mentioned above and Disney’s Pin Traders on Downtown Disney’s Marketplace side.

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