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Three days until Thanksgiving: Three ways to shake up tradition

November 25, 2013
stuffing muffins

Stuffing muffins! A baby step toward smashing Thanksgiving’s culinary hegemony. (Picture: New York Times)

Just three more days until it’s turkey time! You might have everything planned already, checking tasks off your master list in an orderly and self-satisfied way. Or, you might be wishing you could break the bonds of tradition, shake off all the rules, get wild!

Well first of all, settle down – this is just Thanksgiving dinner, not your only chance in this lifetime to be SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR. But on the other hand, if you’re feeling hemmed in, there are a few ways to get creative that might ease that artistic yearning (or desire to shock) within. With stuffing.

That’s right, let’s get creative with stuffing.

Step One: A baby step. Individual stuffing muffins. Not too crazy, just a single toe dipped in the river of everything-doesn’t-have-to-be-the-same-every-year,-does-it? Stuffing muffins (New York Times)

thanksgiving in a dish


Step Two: An intermediate step in breaking with tradition; a bold step toward reclaiming the day and liberating the cook, with just a dash of space-age TV dinner. Thanksgiving in one dish flirts with the idea that maybe this doesn’t have to be a four-hours-at-the-table, all-day-in-the-kitchen affair? Thanksgiving in a Dish (Allrecipes)


Step Three: You, sirrah, have no respect for ritual, for custom, for orderly society. Why … why … Thanksgiving pizza? What’s next, cats and dogs living together? etc. etc. etc. harrumph harrumph Thanksgiving stuffing pizza (Savory reviews) 

thanksgiving pizza

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