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Last day of our Thanksgiving countdown! Today’s advice: don’t freak out

November 27, 2013

We hope your Thanksgiving is a little less weird than John Currin’s.

OK, so tomorrow is the big day. You’re either completely ready, with groceries stuffing the fridge and a few items already prepped, or in wait-WHAT-tomorrow?? mode. If the latter, don’t freak out. Below is a list of all the various suggestions we’ve pulled together here on Salivation Army in the last eight days, plus one very  important, very Floridian fail-safe.

Just eight more days! Our Thanksgiving countdown kicks off with eight unexpected veggie side dishes

Seven days until Thanksgiving, seven new ways to love potatoes and gravy

Six days to Thanksgiving: six easy, beautiful make-ahead desserts (and they aren’t all pie!)

Five days until Thanksgiving: What beverages go best with turkey and family fights?

Bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word: four offbeat methods of cooking your Thanksgiving turkey

Three days until Thanksgiving: Three ways to shake up tradition

Two special Thanksgiving menus: vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free


And look, if all else fails …


Ah, the Publix holiday sub. Get it while you can.

The famous Publix turkey-cranberry holiday sub is on sale this week. They aren’t open on Thanksgiving, but pick up a couple of those beasts today and reheat, reheat, reheat.

Have a great turkey day!


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