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New early bird drink special at the Social before shows

January 17, 2014

Owly ImagesThere are plenty of shows up ahead at the Social to look forward to – including a two-night engagement with Lucero next week, which we’ll have a feature on – but for many, a trip to the Social typically means an additional stop by either Bar BQ Bar or Lizzie’s to get your pre-drink on before that one-way door closes behind you after you’ve been banded at the venue. And while the Social always has a special going to cut down your tab while enjoying hours of live music followed frequently by encores and sometimes double encores, it’s not exactly the cheapest bar in town otherwise.

But now, they’ve launched a pre-game effort to try and get showgoers in the doors earlier, featuring $3.50 u-call-it drinks, meaning you can have whatever liquor from whichever shelf you want for $3.50 during the first hour of the show. Because the first hour after doors typically involves watching the roadie set up the stage for the opening act, most folks don’t exactly storm the gates at the earliest possible opportunity. However, getting there early can have its perks – securing one of the tables in front of the pit, or for the more physical fan, bee-lining for a spot at the lip of the stage, or for the barflies, a coveted place to post up at the bar.

For folks who enjoy shows best with a buzz, this pre-game could be a game-changer in terms of how you do Social shows in the future. Or you can just keep showing up juuuust in time to see the headliner. Either way!

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