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Unpopular opinion about Old iPhone’s … errr Oladipo’s 360 dunk

November 4, 2013

As a huge NBA fan (who I might add is STILL patiently waiting for the NBA to figure out this gross technical issue with League Pass Broadband Choice), I firmly believe that fans should get some time to revel in their rookies. But this silly arrogance over Victor Oladipo’s 360 dunk during Sunday’s game against the Nets is just a little too much for me to swallow (and I listened patiently to all the boastful Vucevic/Howard comparisons last season, so you know I can handle a lot of prattle). For one thing, it happened in the 4th quarter after everybody sensible had essentially given up on the game. Oladipo’s breakaway after his steal and drive to the basket was entertaining, but it wasn’t mindblowing or even that relevant in terms of what you can expect from him. He was, quite simply, putting on a show, so he did a little twirl on his way up for the easy, unimpeded dunk. Here’s the clip, for anyone who didn’t watch the game or anyone who wants to relive:

It’s a fun moment, especially if you were there, but the most amusing part to me was that the score keepers in the Magic’s own court seemed to be so bored of the game by then that they at first attribute the points to the Nets. (I kid, I kid.) (But seriously, you can see that in the clip, too.)

The beginning of the season is often as lacking for excitement as the off-season due to lopsided games, and it’s really difficult to get any sort of read to accurately predict the rest of the season anyway. And obviously this season will demand a lot from wearisome Magic fans who are still exhausted from last season’s losses. Go ahead and celebrate your dunk if you must. Hopefully as the season continues, there will be much more to chew on for Magic fans than this showy dunk from a player whose name is so new that your smartphone autocorrects his name to “old iPhone.”

We couldn’t make it into the Nets game, but if you were at the home opener, we’ve got photos:

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  • J T

    He stole it from Deron Williams, an all-star, and THEN did a 360 punctuation dunk to cap off a series of sweet spin moves to scores. That sounds more like it should garner some attention.

  • David

    Ashley did you really just write an article about how much enjoyment the crowd derived from a dunk? Think about that a minute.